#17: Secondhand Drinking Revisited With Lisa Frederiksen

Ever wonder why YOU feel crazy when it’s a loved one who is drinking or drugging out of control? Lauded author, speaker and researcher, Lisa Frederiksen joins Sober Conversations for an encore discussion about her groundbreaking concept called, Secondhand Drinking. Lisa’s forthcoming book, (2014) by the same title will help you understand why being in the environment of a family member, friend, co-worker or person in public can cause unwanted changes and side effects in the way YOUR brain works. Do non smokers want to be exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke?–NOT…same concept–and now that the brain science is rock solid about Secondhand drinking, you’ll want to listen in as Lisa makes what can be an uncomfortable conversation become blame, guilt and shame free. Lisa is the founder of BreakingTheCylcles.com where you’ll find more information about Secondhand Drinking and a wide variety of invaluable resources regarding addiction treatment and recovery.

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