#20: Dr. Chris Harrison – Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT-S) for Addiction

By November 16, 2013Podcast, Sober Conversations

You may have heard of DBT, but what exactly is Dialectical Behavior Therapy and how does it help people recover from addictions? Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Chris Harrison joins the conversation today to describe this exciting and effective tool to help people find and live, “A life worth living” in the aftermath of addiction.

Dr. Harrison equates this well conceived and executed work to a fantastic form of bio/neurofeedback with very impressive results. DBT is structured around ancient Buddhist principles coupled with contemporary brain science offering up a course in mastery–required for addiction recovery for anyone struggling with these issues.

Dr. Harrison is a former director of The Sequoia Center, a chemical dependency treatment facility on the San Francisco Peninsula and currently runs a private psychotherapy practice in Redwood City, California working with addiction issues in individuals and families. Chris is one of those humans who lights up a conversation with his verve for life coupled with a masterful skill set and depth of experience. Learn more about Dr. Harrison and DBT at these two resources: drchristopherharrison.com and behavioraltech.org.

Dr. Herby Bell is a Recovery and Wellness Coach and owner of Recovery Health Care, an integrated approach to wellness and addiction recovery in Saratoga, California. For more information please call 650 474 9411 or Email: herbybell@me.com.  Connect with me online too:  Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

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