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What Top Recovery Blogs Say About Sobriety

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Top Recovery Blogs Chime in on Sobriety

Bill Dinker of The Discovery Place

Bill Dinker of The Discovery Place

Sobriety and addiction recovery are “experiments of one” and slightly different for each of us endeavoring to get–and stay well. All paths and approaches have more similarities than differences as pointed out by Bill Dinker of The Discovery Place in this very informative post surveying top recovery blogs including RHC.

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#24: Dude, Where’s My Health?! – A Conversation with Clark Danger

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Today’s episode # 24 is a conversation entitled, “Dude, Where’s My Health?!” Nothing better than being around Spirit, enthusiasm and endless energy all of which my guest today embodies. Transformational Coach, Clark Danger is the gracious host of the podcasts PaleoHacks and Dude, Where’s My Health? He comes to Sober Conversations as a lover of holistic health, personal development and has a passion for inspiring others–as you’ll soon hear. Clark’s forthcoming book, “Dude, Where’s My Health?!” promises to be a no-nonsense, “dental to mental” guide on the how and what makes for a healthy, thriving life. Find Clark–and Dude, you’ll be glad you did, at

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#12: Exercise Professional Ken Dobberpuhl – Motion Improves Emotions

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Sober Conversations revisits the necessity for a sound exercise/movement practice in long-term recovery. Educator and exercise professional, Ken Dobberpuhl brings experienced insight to the discussion from the sky–high city of Cuenca, Ecuador! Ken discusses his holistic approach and the four essential movements all humans require for wellness in addition to how, “motion improves emotions.” Ken’s resume includes a passion as a life-long athlete with three Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon finishes in his impressive list of accomplishments. His easy-to-understand, walks-his-talk approach is refreshing and ultra informative as he and his family endeavor to live the healthiest lifestyle possible with his time tested, sustainable practices from which everyone listening can learn and benefit. Join us for this sober conversation with a man living securely “centered” on the Earth in Cuenca, Ecuador!

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#11: Paleo and Addiction Recovery – A Conversation with author, Alison Golden

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What do you get when you cross a sober lifestyle with a Paleo lifestyle? How ’bout optimal genetic expression and increased chances for long-term recovery–for starters! Author, blogger, coach and Mom, Alison Golden comes to Sober Conversations to discuss her new, best selling book, The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo. Alison and Herby hi-lite the striking similarities between the well-worth-it efforts to live her Paleo lifestyle and his sober lifestyle and discuss why people interested in long-term recovery should know about her book. Learn how the Paleo community deals with the concepts of “relapse”, “attraction–not promotion”, “progress–not perfection”, “one day at a time” and many more ways these two wellness oriented communities work beautifully together for anyone who wants it.