#18: Dr. Evan Miller, Director of The Landing, An Addiction Treatment Center For Men

Episode # 18 is an up-tone and hopeful conversation with Dr. Evan Miller, Director of an extraordinary private residential treatment program called, The Landing, an addiction treatment facility in Newport Beach, California for men. Dr. Miller is a clinical psychologist who brings his extensive training in depth psychology AND what he calls, “Applied athletic performance enhancement”–in other words an evidence based, mind-body approach–to his work at The Landing along with their comprehensive, wellness oriented program. I think you’ll agree that Evan is as down-to-Earth and real-deal of a doctor as they come. You can find out more about The Landing at TheLanding.crchealth.com or by calling 800 647 0042.

Dr. Herby Bell is a Recovery and Wellness Coach and owner of Recovery Health Care, an integrated approach to wellness and addiction recovery in Saratoga, California. For more information please call 650 474 9411 or Email: herbybell@me.com.  Connect with me online too:  Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

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