#5: A Father’s Story: Family Addiction Treatment

This episode: Family addiction treatment and a father’s perspective about his family with addiction. Herby, Chris and Dennis discuss the evolution of understanding the behavior and nature of addiction from a family member’s point of view and what helps the addict and each family member get well. Listen in as Dennis tells his story with courage and conviction and reveals that the most important thing he can do for his chemically dependent daughter and family is to get and stay healthy himself. An important and sober conversation. Join us.

Dr. Herby Bell is a Recovery and Wellness Coach and owner of Recovery Health Care, an integrated approach to wellness and addiction recovery in Saratoga, California. For more information please call 650 474 9411 or Email: herbybell@me.com.  Connect with me online too:  Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

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  • This is an incredibly powerful story. Thank you, Doctors Bell and Harrison, for sharing this Sober Conversation with Dennis. And, Dennis – THANK YOU for sharing your story of recovery as a father, a father of a daughter with a meth addiction, now in jail. Your description of this disease and how you’ve separated it from your daughter, the lovely woman you know is there, and your thriving as a human through this journey is so powerful. Talk about a story of courage, strength and hope. Thank you!!!

    • HerbyBell says:


      Thank you for your valued feedback from this transparent conversation with a very special father and man. Sober Conversations so appreciates learning how individuals “hear” these dialogues and trialogues! I am particularly heartened by knowing how one man’s journey can benefit others through your thoughtful comments.
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  • This was such an insightful interview with Dennis. As a parent of a former addict, I can relate to what Dennis is going through. My child did not go to jail, and I would imagine that would be an additional source of pain for any parent. I hope that healing can begin from this time spent in jail for Dennis’ daughter.

    I appreciate the work that Dennis has done as a parent to understand addiction, to find compassion for his daughter and to be there for her when and if she makes the decision to recover. The comment that was made during the interview that addiction is a manifestation of the family system, I find to be so true. I also support the idea that when parents take care of themselves, it helps with the long term recovery of their child. Families do best when they work as individuals and work together to understand their role in the addiction and how the family can all move forward in a positive way to support and be part of the long recovery of the addicted person.

    Thanks so much for this interview!

    • HerbyBell says:


      I so appreciate your insight and empathy in this heart breaking to heartening journey. Thank you for taking the time to comment and personalize this issue and thank you for the great work you are doing in the addiction recovery community. Let the conversation continue!

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