#38: Myrton Wesley Running Wolf | Native American Wellbriety


Myrton Running Wolf joins Sober Conversations

Myrton Running Wolf joins Sober Conversations

Today’s episode is a conversation with Myrton Wesley Running Wolf. Myrton is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Indian Tribe, has an undergraduate degree in mathematics, a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and is a Ph.D. candidate in Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University. The soon to be Dr. Running Wolf is also a professional actor seen in the wildly popular, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and he produces short subject films heightening awareness about Native American issues that are really all of our issues. I asked Myrton to come to Sober Conversations to explore Native American Wellbriety and the similarities and differences with the issues and challenges of our Native America and addiction recovery. For more information on Myrton, see the “people” tab at Stanford University’s Department of Theater and Performing Arts and the search word, “WellRed” at Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.



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