The following is a brief executive summary of a model and concept called Recovery Health Centers. It is a vision developed by Dr’s Herby Bell and Chris Harrison as part of the solution to address the need for more transparent, integrated, multidisciplinary, 21st Century approaches for the complex challenge of addiction treatment. Interested parties please contact Dr. Herby Bell at herbybell@me.com for elaboration and formal presentation.

Executive Summary: Recovery Health Centers | Get Well. Stay Well. For Life.

Statement of Purpose:

  • Recovery Health Centers (RHCs) are designed to replace Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) in addiction treatment. 
  • RHCs will provide lower barriers to entry and a lifelong service option for clients who do not have access to a similar product.
  • RHCs will generate new income streams, expand addiction treatment’s footprint in regional markets, and introduce an innovative and effective service delivery model to the industry. RHCs will capture new clients and greatly enhance client retention.

 The Problem:

  • Harnessing leadership, capital and resources to champion the solution in an outdated system.
  • Discharging individuals with a chronic illness with no options for continued care.
  • Relapse/death rates for chemical dependency treatment remain alarmingly high.
  • Incidence rates for relapse are highest at transitions in level of care and at conventional discharge from care.
  • Ineffective/not treating the family side of the disease perpetuates the cycle and impedes recovery.
  • No existing infrastructure to deliver required wellness and continued care.
  • Costs skyrocket and measurable revenue is lost when clients discharge from care and/or relapse and move to a different treatment center hoping for better outcomes.

The Solution:

  • Redefining the market by championing the solution with true wellness & and brain health care.
  • Many addiction treatment clients return to home markets in which there are no continued/after care facilities. RHCs will allow these clients to continue receiving RHC’s industry leading care after discharge from higher levels of care. 
  • RHCs will offer a proprietary, integrated treatment model called Blueprint for Recovery (BFR) which helps clients to Move Well, Eat Well and Think Well, in order to Stay Well for a lifetime.
  • From entry-level to stepped down and maintenance care, RHC completes the missing piece in the standard of care treatment equation with true continued care.

The Vision:

  • Establish an initial RHC in a major metropolitan market to develop best practices and maximize profitability with the goal of opening RHCs in major metropolitan areas throughout the country.
  • RHCs will enable greatly enhanced clinical and economic opportunities in an enormously underserved national market. 
  • RHCs will demonstrate efficacy through outcome informed empirical practice incorporating the lifetime service option positioning it as the industry leader in addiction treatment.
RHC Treatment Model

RHC Treatment Model

RHC Floor Plan 1

RHC Floor Plan 1


RHC Floor Plan 2

RHC Floor Plan 2