Evidence based research recommends Recovery Coaching for best outcomes in addiction recovery

Evidence based research recommends Recovery Coaching for best outcomes in addiction recovery

Why Recovery Coaching Works

Addiction is a chronic illness. There is no “one way in” to developing addiction, nor is there “one way out.” What evidence based science confirms however, is that addiction is a brain disorder and disease and treatment is absolutely required. And that is where Recovery Coaching comes into the treatment and after care equation to help people re-organize their lives with healthier practices for the healing process to take hold–and continue–one day at a time, for a thriving lifetime. All modern treatment centers recommend certified Recovery Coaching as a proven strategy for long-term addiction recovery.

Recovery Coach, Heal Thyself

Recovery Coaching is a way to stay connected and accountable to another human being who has been there and understands–and I do. I know first hand what it is like to come from a family where addiction is present, what it is to practice active addiction and now long-term recovery, and what it is like to have a child with addiction, now in recovery. I do.

Recovery Coaching | A Go-Brainer

Recovery Coaching is appropriate typically after acute treatment, but sometimes during active addiction. Recruiting help in the way of a Recovery Coach is a great strategy because the target organ for addiction is the brain. If the brain is not allowed to heal by way of learning new and healthier ways of taking care of it, the recovery process is unlikely to last. And that’s where I come in to help my clients understand and organize these essential practices of moving, eating and thinking well and other great strategies as a lifestyle.

I think of addiction recovery as a gift of a lifetime and a fantastic transformational process that allows for, and reveals each individual’s true purpose, vision and gifts s/he was born to deliver. Hiring a coach is a “go-brainer” and a great way to get there by:

– Staying in regular, predictable contact through, email, Skype, Webex Facetime, text and telephone

– Developing a “Posthab”, “Blueprint for Recovery” relapse prevention plan for success–one day at a time

– Reinforcing a thoughtful plan of mind-body-spirit fitness and personal vision on a regular basis–repetition is the mother of all good things

– Celebrating your life with someone who genuinely empathizes and cares

Addiction recovery is about getting and staying well. Again, there is no one-way or “cookie cutter” approach to long-term recovery and wellness, but there is one basic truth for sure–we all need a guiding hand and I can help you.

Check out the My Approach – Blueprint for Recovery and Blueprint for Recovery 9 Keys pages to learn more.

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