“Dr. Herby Bell has fundamentally transformed my understanding of how what I eat impacts how I feel, think and move. Dr. Bell has helped me to create, implement and sustain a wellness plan that has increased my energy, balanced my mood and objectively improved my physical health. Herby provides gentle hands on healing in a warm and compassionate environment. His impassioned dedication to wellness through integrated healing engenders results that last a lifetime.” – Chris Harrison, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, past Clinical Director, The Sequoia Center, an addiction treatment facility

“My cravings are reduced, and my sense of well-being is improved, thus I am able to feel good enough to stay sober one day at a time. I see this work contributing to my relapse prevention plan in both early recovery and in my ongoing recovery program. By providing these feelings of comfort and wellness, I am less likely to feel desperate and depressed, and thus less likely to pick up a drink or a drug for short term relief. As time has progressed and my recovery has stabilized, and the day-to-day cravings lessened, I felt that my sessions with Herby still played an important role in building on my progress and deepening my sense of peace and ease. I would recommend this work to friends, colleagues or family as an important part of a program of recovery. Anyone who is struggling with staying sober could benefit from extra support from Herby as a recovery/wellness coach. With Dr. Bell’s help and encouragement, anyone can move well, eat well, and think well, and thus stay on the road to recovery!” – Wes T.

“Dr. Herby is working wonders in my continued recovery! He is a very kind, caring and professional individual with a wealth of knowledge and compassion. I look forward to each visit knowing I will take away something more to better my mind, body and spirit. Thank you!” – Chris G.

“Herby is an incredible person that cares about improving people’s lives. He provides calm and stability to an otherwise chaotic life.” – Perry F.

“Herby is an amazingly up beat individual who brings his immense passion for life to his work. He is articulate and intelligent and the same time compassionate. He is insightful and wise – forever the student. He has a keen sense of observation, which gives him an instinctive insight into our humanity. I learned from him every day.” – Mary K.

“Herby is an ultimate observer. His wisdom and expertise on a holistic lifestyle is something to be cherished. I am a better person since I met Herby. He never fails to amaze me.” – Wade B.

“Herby is one of the most insightful, kind and articulate individuals I have worked with in terms of directing my attention to the shape and purpose of defined career goals. Valuable asset to have in your corner during bouts of steep grade personal growth.” – Gavin K.

“Herby led my men’s group. He knows when to talk and when to listen. His commitment to the group was powerful and unwavering, his leadership clear, confident, and comfortable. Herby’s connection with people and the world comes from spirit, honesty, and enthusiasm. His example is one of strength, coupled with power and the desire to overcome fear and take on challenge. When I’m with Herby I feel both energized and relaxed, a great combination.” – Allen S.

“Herby is one of the finest visionaries. He seeks the truth with a genuine respect and love for those whom he has the opportunity to share time and develop a relationship. I highly recommend Herby simply because he is with out a doubt, one of the finest people I know. He expresses a love for life and pursuit of inner spiritual growth that is contagious.”– Peter G.

“Herby brings both passion and compassion into all aspects of his life. He has an ability to peel back the layers of an issue and offer a challenging perspective to open up what might be possible. The combination of his life experience and professional training positions him as a skillful facilitator as a life coach.” – Ken D.

“Herby has not only been a model for change in my life but has provided me with valuable insight that has brought considerable success to my business, my home life, and all other projects I choose to tackle. Without his guidance and friendship I am not certain I would be achieving the results I am seeing.” – Rocky S.

“Dr. Herby Bell is extremely personable yet professional in his work. I saw great results from the work Herby provided for me. He is consistent, honest and extremely creative. I wish him great success always.” – Cindy H.

“I have engaged with Herb in his capacity as a life coach. I found his insights and perspectives to be valuable to me as I confronted various professional and personal challenges. His objectivity and commitment to tell the truth are what sets him apart. I endorse his practice as well as the man.” – John C.

“Aside from ‘healing as advertised’, I always appreciated Herby’s general concern for my well-being beyond the physical – i.e., what was I feeling and doing to affect my physical and mental disposition, and then providing good suggestions and food for thought as part of the treatment.”   – Jamie T.

“Herby is intuitive, kind and offers a unique sense of humor. His focus on your well being and overall health is contagious!” – Gavin K.

“Dr. Bell is a gifted healer, really getting in touch with the underlying causes of mind body dysfunction. His wellness model is right on, and is very affordable. I always look forward to his gentle, effective adjustments.” – Sue R.