#4: Young Sobriety: What’s It Like?

Dr. Herby Bell explores the experiences of two men, Jordy and Wes, in their 20’s living sober lifestyles. What is addiction treatment and a young sobriety lifestyle like for people in their mid-20’s? What worked and what doesn’t work? How do family and friends help or hinder the process? How do they see it all in retrospect? What can Jordy and Wes tell all of us what we need to know? Join this sober conversation where two very courageous men share their stories, experiences and insights in moving from a life of resentment and illness to a life of ambition and vision.

Dr. Herby Bell is a Recovery and Wellness Coach and owner of Recovery Health Care, an integrated approach to wellness and addiction recovery in Saratoga, California. For more information please call 650 474 9411 or Email: herbybell@me.com.  Connect with me online too:  Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

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  • Dennis Grady says:

    This is an extraordinary podcast, an interview with Dr. Herby Bell and two young men in their twenties, Wes and Jordy. After years of addiction and drug use, both of these amazing young men are now sober. Each of them marks over one year of sobriety. Courageous! Raw! They cut to an emotional core. As a parent of a young adult in addiction, I was deeply moved…

    Wes repeatedly emphasized that recovery does not work unless the addict is ready to make a change. For him, it was hitting a bottom. His personal bottom was losing a job. He emphasized that recovery will not work if the addict is not willing and desirous of being in a program. In addition, he wanted to remind all of us – family and friends of an addict – do not enable. Miraculous, he now views all that has happened to him as a great opportunity. He considers himself to be a better person for having experienced years of addiction. I get it! He is right!
    Jordy also struck with brutal truth, “Some of the programs did not work. I was given more trust than I deserved and I took advantage of it.” He also said, “Addicts are the most crafty and manipulative people on the face of the earth.” But to me his greatest gem was admitting that “I knew something was coming…in my life, I knew something was coming.” This foreshadow might have been implicit knowledge that his life experiences to that point and the influences of his family of origin were about to come to a head. Maybe it is the same for my daughter, still in addiction. I look forward to the day when she will speak a similar language. I know it is coming…

    These are gems of wisdom. To Wes and Jordy I say to you, Thank you! You are just discovering your voices but even now you carry power to influence. Even now, you help others. Thank you! Dennis

    • HerbyBell says:


      Your kind offering that “you get it” after listening to these two young men is such a gift. And I love your gentle reminders that addiction recovery is a transformational process replete with a treasure chest of gifts as we stay the course.

      As an empathetic, knowledgeable and loving father of a child in recovery, you are bolstering those concentric circles of healing moving into the community and world by taking your valuable time and participating this way in our ongoing conversation–thank you!
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