Empaths are highly sensitive to other people’s emotions, and this can make them prone to anxiety and depression. Here are 16 signs that you may be an empath, as well as some tips on how to cope and stay happy.

Do you have a deep connection with others? Do you experience a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and empathy? If so, you may have a gift called empathy. This may describe you as an empath. Empaths often have an intense feeling of connection, love, and compassion for the people around them. They genuinely feel what others are feeling and are often caring and compassionate. If you’re an empath, you may have an ability to intuit or detect emotions that others don’t.

Empaths are people who are naturally tuned into other people. Some, like empaths, feel an almost tangible, magnetic pull toward others. Others, like the empaths, feel an almost tangible, magnetic pull toward others. The empath in you is almost always there. Although you may not always be able to put your finger on it, you can certainly rely on the empath in your life to feel whatever you do.

Last Friday’s full strawberry moon was accompanied by a powerful flame that left me in shock. Now it’s easy to blame the moon. If you’re in the yoga community, this seems like an acceptable label for almost any behavior or circumstance, but there’s something to be said for it.

By all accounts, this moon is one of the most powerful in recent memory, filling the earth with feminine energy and conjunct Mercury retrograde. This may seem a bit far-fetched, but it is a fact that some of us are more sensitive to earth energy than others.

In fact, we all swim in a sea of primal energy soup that has its own kind of surf and swell. And I, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your point of view), look like a giant sponge.

Learning about empaths and HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons)

I became aware of the connection between my feelings and what was happening in the universe a few years ago, when several large-scale natural disasters followed one another in rapid succession. I noticed that every event was preceded by a headache in my third eye like no one else had, a feeling of redundancy and dizziness when I bumped into doors and fell off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic.

I felt a sharp physical pain and an overwhelming sadness that I could not shake off. As soon as something happened, the pressure was off and I felt better. I had no choice but to crawl under the covers – exhausted, trembling and crying – and seek shelter until I felt the storm had died down enough for me to feel normal again.

This made me curious and I started reading about the signs of an empath, a PSH or what is now called a highly sensitive personality, and the nature of empaths.

My experience of empathy

Growing up, I was always strongly influenced by what was happening in my immediate environment. Growing up, I began to suffer from things that seemed to bother society in general, and the sight of a crying baby or a homeless person made me cringe. I began to think that I was programmed to feel different from others.

Subconsciously, I could put myself in people’s shoes and feel what they were feeling. I often predicted events before they happened and had prophetic dreams. Sometimes I would even wake up and hear the floor move in the dark of the night before my bed was stable.

This may sound a little strange, but in reality we are all deeply connected to the world around us and to each other, because we are all made of the same material. The building blocks that make up you and me have also been melted and formed into everything we see around us by a unique combination of elements, the number of which is infinite.

I’m not talking about an abstract idea meant for the ignorant and foolish, but a very natural and empathetic ability to perceive some things that seem to be happening largely behind the scenes – an intuitive connection to the earth and the people around us that has served the ancients for many years.

16 ways to know if you are empathetic

  1. Things, people and situations affect you.
  2. Sometimes your heart overflows with grief and mourning that may have nothing to do with your life.
  3. Sometimes your heart overflows with joy and happiness to be human and alive.
  4. You cry easily.
  5. They are sensitive to negative energies and people.
  6. They find the hustle and bustle and chaos overwhelming.
  7. When someone shares their happiness or suffering with you, you feel all the emotions at once.
  8. You know what people need without them telling you.
  9. They feel the emotional waves of the collective consciousness.
  10. You’re an excellent listener.
  11. You tire quickly and can only rest in complete silence and solitude – you love your own company.
  12. They had premonitions, prophetic dreams and strong hunches that then came true.
  13. You can check a person out within minutes of meeting them.
  14. The company of negative people tires them out.
  15. They find the news disturbing rather than informative.
  16. You always felt you were different.

10 things you can do to help yourself

  1. At the beginning of each day, take a few minutes to rest quietly, outside if possible, just breathing the air and noticing how you feel (without judging).
  2. Keep an energy diary of times when you feel up and down and need to loosen up.
  3. Spend time in nature, away from the influence of the city or the crowds.
  4. The next time you feel frustrated, ask yourself if these emotions are yours.
  5. Keep a journal to process what you are feeling and thinking.
  6. Practice anchoring meditations and energy clearing techniques.
  7. Schedule sacred, private time just with yourself.
  8. Crying.
  9. Drink lots of water.
  10. Practice yoga or martial arts to keep the energy flowing in the body and prevent stagnation.

If you’re prone to empathy, I know that trying to understand how and why we perceive the world around us and identify with it in the way we do can be grueling and overwhelming. But just acknowledging our qualities of empathy and insight is the first step to overcoming them.

I believe we are all born with this innate wisdom and sixth sense, but we don’t always know how to get in and listen. Perhaps it is time we learn to connect our feelings to the larger field of collective consciousness, to the environment around us, and to the vast web that is woven to connect us all.Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of research around empathy. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, almost 7 in 10 people reported that they feel empathy more than usual during a disaster. Research also shows that people with high levels of empathy are more likely to take action to help others, even at the risk of their own health.. Read more about how to deal with an empath and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Empaths should avoid?

Empaths should avoid people who are overly critical, judgmental, or have a tendency to be controlling.

How do you cope with being an empath?

I have a lot of coping mechanisms. I am very good at compartmentalizing my emotions and thoughts, so that I can focus on the task at hand. I also have a lot of support from friends and family who are also empaths.

What are triggers for Empaths?

Triggers for Empaths can be anything that causes them to feel overwhelmed, triggered, or emotionally drained. Some common triggers are: Being around people who are angry or upset Being around people who are in pain or suffering from a serious illness Being around people who have been traumatized Being around people who are in a bad mood Being around people who are being aggressive or violent Being around people who are being rude or inconsiderate Being around people who have been drinking alcohol Being around people who have been smoking cigarettes Being around people who are being loud Being around people who are being too close Being around people who have been using drugs Being around people who have been using a lot of caffeine Being around people who are being too much Being around people who have been using a lot of technology Being around people who are being too much of a perfectionist Being around people who have been using a lot of social media Being around people who are being too much of a perfectionist Being around people who have been using a lot of technology Being around people who have been using a lot of social media Being around people who are being too much of a perfectionist

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