Toe stand yoga is one of the best and easiest ways to connect directly with your body, and it’s the perfect way for advanced yoga practitioners to strengthen their bodies or prepare for intense postures. For beginners, toe stand yoga is a great way to introduce yourself to the practice of balancing in a way that is as accessible as possible.

Yoga toe stands are a great way to get to the core of your yoga practice and learn how to stabilize your poses. Here at Recover we like to add a little extra to our practice, so we also offer guided toe stands for our students. Practice these in the privacy of your own home and take charge of your own practice.

One of the most widely used yoga poses is the toe stand. While the benefits of this pose are numerous, many people can find the toe stand physically challenging; in particular, the balance that is required to hold the back leg while in the pose can be difficult.

Standing on your toes is a challenging pose that opens your hips and strengthens your knees, ankles and abs. Before I did my first stand, I needed to build a stronger foundation for standing balances and work on strengthening my stance and core.

Here are three tips to help you get closer to your goal of doing a toe stand while working out.

1. Practice balancing on one leg while standing.

Credit : Jacqueline Nguyen.

The standing half lotus pose is an excellent pose to master first because it improves balance, opens the hips and strengthens the core. Try to calm your gaze and fix it on a point that is not moving. This will stabilize your position in the scale.

Move the ankle up and to the front of the thigh and press the thigh on the ankle and the ankle on the thigh. Hold this position for at least 5 deep breaths while breathing fully through. Repeat on both sides.

Finally, work on the half chair stance. Staying in a half-ligus position and flexing the foot, bring the hip into a standing yoga squat. Lift your chest and hold your gaze as you take a deep breath. When you receive them, you should be ready for the next step!

2. Do several hip extensions in a squat position.

Credit : Jacqueline Buchanan.

The seated hip stretch that has helped me the most with my toes is the double dove pose (Agnistambhasana). Sit up straight and bring your shins parallel to your bent ankles. Make sure your knees and ankles are straight together.

Don’t let the top knee touch the ankle. As you open up more, your knee drops and you become more flexible. This is a deep stretch, so make sure you’re breathing and don’t force yourself to go further than you’re comfortable with.

3. Practice swag pose.

The garland pose (Malasana) is an excellent posture for opening the hips and is ideal to do just before standing on your toes. Stand on your mat and step to the front corners of the mat, forming a V shape. Shift your weight to your heels, which remain on the ground.

Keep your chest up and your eyes forward. Place your elbows on the inside of your thighs and hold your hands in prayer over your heart center for 8 to 12 deep breaths. When you feel good, do it again, but this time on your toes. This is something that will really help you keep your balance while standing on your toes!

If you have done all of the above exercises and you feel warmed up enough to try a toe stand, start in the same position as the half stand. Slowly move into a half chair position, but now with the spine extended into the wreath position and stand on one side.

Bring the ankle close to the abs (as in the half lotus) and let it slide and exhale slowly, taking time to balance on the toes.

Stay calm and relaxed and keep practicing, even if it takes you a few tries. Once you’re warmed up, perfect this beautiful and therapeutic pose that strengthens your joints, helps prevent and manage arthritis, and builds self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my toe stand?

To improve your toe stand, you should practice it daily.

How do you strengthen your toes for yoga?

To strengthen your toes for yoga, you can do toe raises. Toe raises are a great way to strengthen your feet and toes.

How do you learn to do a handstand in yoga?

The handstand is a difficult pose to learn, but it’s not impossible. It takes practice and patience.

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