Jeff Novick has been medical director of the Addiction Recovery Program at Pine Rest Hospital in New Orleans. He is also a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Society of Addiction Medicine Foundation Board and the American Society of Addiction Medicine Foundation Board of Directors. He was previously Medical Director of addiction treatment at the North Georgia Medical Center in Dahlonega and Executive Director of the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. He is a former president of the Georgia Association of Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment and a former president of the Georgia Drug Free Workplace Council and the Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives.

Reading Jeff Novick’s latest book, “Mental Illness: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed,” was an eye-opening experience for me. I’ve known Jeff for a while, and he’s a great thinker and writer. Nevertheless, his book made a few points about mental illness that I had never really considered.

Jeff Novick is known as an insightful and straightforward nutritionist who debunks much of the misinformation from the food industry with humor and helpful advice. I met with him to ask him 6 important questions about nutrition and health.

There aren’t many nutritionists I admire. But Jeff Novick is one of them. I have seen him speak, read his articles and watched his DVDs.

The information he presents is always enlightening, engaging and practical. This is a real nutritionist, not a practicing nutritionist sitting behind his back with a whiteboard.

Look at his or her education and experience. He has degrees in nutrition and sports science. He is a registered dietitian.  He has worked with Dr. John McDougal and the Pritikin Longevity Center. He even cooperated with the government.

And what’s more, he does what he preaches.  So I wanted to meet him and get his answers to 6 questions about nutrition and health.

1. What 3 things do you think people do to waste their food?

  1. Too many refined and processed foods (including sugar, oils and fats).
  2. Too many animal products (including dairy products)
  3. They don’t understand the difference between information that is marketing and advertising and information that is actually based on science.

2. How has your view of nutrition changed over the years?

At the moment I am more focused on translating the information for the customer in the easiest, most practical and user-friendly way possible.

Jeff Novick on how to fix our health care system

3. What is your favorite quote?

Your health is your greatest asset.

4. Which power supply problem bothers you the most? Why?

No. People are really confused and deluded. It is important to help them understand these issues.

Jeff Novick on healthy eating and healthy eating

Now Jeff, finish the following sentences.

5. Fast food is…

…the big idea has gone astray.

6. The key to my health success is.

…to keep it simple.

Bonus: Do you have a favourite supplement?

Vit E (exercise) and Vit S (sun)!

Jeff Novick on plant-based nutrition

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