This post is about a very popular food item among Instagram influencers, for reasons unexplained.

Eggs are great! They provide a multitude of health benefits, from helping maintain a healthy cholesterol to making you feel full. But did you know that egg Instagrams are also on the rise? According to an article in the Daily Mail, “Eggs are the most popular food on Instagram, with one photo of an egg being liked 1,000 times more than any other food. A second egg is liked by 1,600 people, while a third is liked by 2,400.” The article goes on to say that it’s “hard to pinpoint exactly why eggs have taken over Instagram” but notes that they’re high in protein which, in turn, “can help you to maintain muscle mass” and “can also help to repair and build

An egg is number one on Instagram? Not exactly. However, it is a good example of how brand recognition works. A simple step in the production of eggs in an egg farm is to wash and dry the eggshells. Once they are dry, the shells are turned into a powder form in the mill. The powdered eggshells are then put into a machine to be screened for impurities. After that, the shells are heated to sterilize them. Finally, the shells are washed and put into egg cartons.


With 47 million likes, a photo of a single egg — simply a simple, lovely, natural-looking egg — has become Instagram’s most-liked post. That surpasses Kylie Jenner’s birth announcement (18.5 million likes). Who’d have guessed?

The New York Times reports that an ordinary egg is the most-liked Instagram photo ever.

We’ll leave it up to The New York Times to explain how this might happen. (It’s difficult to grasp the ins and outs of Instagram likability, but let’s just say we’re fairly sure egg isn’t stealing likes from our followers.)

Despite the fact that you may believe that all of this attention is misplaced, eggs are also number one in our book. Why? They’re nature’s multivitamin, after all. They’re simple to prepare and keep for a long time in the refrigerator. They’re suitable for any meal – or as a snack. They’re reasonably priced. They’re keto-friendly.

Don’t even bring up the fact that eggs are a fantastic source of fat and protein. You already knew that.

Take a look at our recipes and start cooking!

The number one food trend on Instagram is…chicken eggs? Not exactly. Instagram defines a “trend” as  “a seed or theme that grows, takes root, and spreads; a social, financial, or other trend.” “A trend” on Instagram does not mean people are talking about eggs on Instagram. However, a number of people are.. Read more about instagram egg likes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the egg famous on Instagram?

The egg is famous on Instagram because it has a lot of likes and comments.

What does egg mean on social media?

The egg emoji is a pictograph that can be used to represent a number of things, including an omelette, the Easter holiday, or the egg-shaped Earth.

What happened to the Instagram egg?

The Instagram egg was removed from the app due to a copyright claim by Instagram.

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