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Magnesium is a mineral that many people don’t get enough of. It’s important for regulating blood pressure, muscle contraction, and heart rhythm. You can find magnesium in supplements or food sources such as dark chocolate, bananas, and almonds. This article will discuss the benefits of magnesium supplementation and how much to take. Read more in detail here: magnesium supplement dosage.

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When compared to NSI-189, people suffering from depression and cognitive impairment typically do not get the intended impact from their medicine.

MDD, or major depressive disorder, is a serious medical condition that may result in death and impairment of function.

NSI-189 is being developed as a new medicine to help with treatment and prevention.

But what precisely is it, and how does it function? Let’s take a look and see what we can find out.

What exactly is NSI-189?

nsi-189 structure

NSI-189 is a neurogenic chemical under development that might be used to treat MDD, traumatic brain injury, stroke, cognitive issues, mental disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and aging-related neurodegenerative disease.

NSI-189 is being developed by Neuralstem Inc, a biopharmaceutical business. The chemical is being studied as a potential alternative therapy for individuals who have not responded to traditional treatments.

The phase I clinical trials [R] were completed by 41 participants in 2011. Following that, between 2012 and 2014, a phase IB study focused on treating individuals with MDD [R].

The phase II clinical study, on the other hand, was not as effective as the phase I. In MDD [R], it did not fulfill the standards for the main efficacy objective.

NSI189 is now being studied for a variety of additional illnesses, including enhanced brain health, diabetic neuropathy, stroke, neurodegenerative disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Angelman syndrome. It’s used to help those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The FDA has given NSI-189 Orphan Drug Designation as a therapy for Angelman syndrome, a rare condition.

The research included patient recruiting as well as NSI imaging.

Image buy Phosphate, NSI-189 online
Name Phosphate, NSI-189
Class Nootropic
Effects Depression and cognition have improved.
Potential Negative Consequences Headache, dizziness, and a dry mouth are some of the symptoms you may experience.
Half-Life Approximately 17.4 – 20.5 hours
Typical Dosage 40 milligrams per day
Content 1 g
Price $29.99
Guaranteed money back Case-by-case
Rating 4.8/5 stars
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NSI-189, like other antidepressants, increases hippocampus volume. What makes it unique is its capacity to screen for substances that cause the rise in rodents.

Because a human clinical study is still needed, its potential to boost hippocampus volume makes it a better depression medicine.

Action Mechanisms

NSI-189 may alter the areas of the brain that control learning, memory, and emotion by promoting neurogenesis in hippocampus-derived neural stem cells. This occurs as a result of a variety of mechanisms.

review of nsi-189

The medication is a benzylpiperazine-aminopyridine that has the potential to cross the blood-brain barrier.

The hippocampal slices, especially the left side of the human brain, induce neurogenesis.

It may raise Ki67 and MAP2 in specific instances, such as after a stroke. It also helps to boost BDNF, GDNF, and VEGF levels.

On the Skp, Cullin, and F-box containing complex, there are other indicated activities.

Other Mechanisms That Could Be Used

NSI-189 exhibits a few additional pathways that might support its effectiveness as a more effective therapy for depression.

NSI 189 enhances hippocampus size by 20% in the brain and improves glucocorticoid resistance through modulating aldosterone receptors.

Other potential methods include TRPV1 antagonists and binding affinity norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitors.

Benefits & Effects

To verify the effectiveness of this nootropic and its potential to cure mental problems, a suitable human clinical study must be done.

But, since there isn’t any, this NSI 189 review sets out the advantages of using the product right now.

Concerning Human Research

  • Depression has improved. Taking 40 mg to 80 mg of NSI 189 per day for 28 days resulted in substantial reductions in depression symptoms in numerous persons in a placebo-controlled research.
  • Cognition has improved. Participants in the phase I study experienced self-reported improvements in cognition. This encompasses not just memory but also learning and concentration abilities.

Animal Research

The supplement demonstrated more of its beneficial advantages for people.

  • Ischemic stroke is a kind of ischemic stroke. After an artificial stroke, rats in a research showed better brain and motor impairments. Oxygen deprivation causes cell death, which is reversed by NSI-189. The impact lasted for a total of 24 weeks.
  • Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that occurs as a result of diabetes. Neuropathy is a kind of nerve injury that may occur in people with diabetes. NSI-189 assists in the formation of neurons and prevents additional damage to the brain and limbs to help heal the nerve.
  • Angelman syndrome is a condition that affects people. Because of Angelman syndrome, the neurological system is the most afflicted component of the body. It’s a mental and motor skill disease caused by a genetic mutation. NSI 189 stimulates the TrkB and Akt pathways, reversing the damage.

Third-party tested for identity & purity

We have a long history of being a dependable provider.

Dosage & How to Take NSI-189

For observable outcomes, NSI supplements should be taken at the suggested dosages. For beginnings, a dosage of 40 mg is usually recommended.

It may be taken once, twice, or three times a day for 28 days, depending on the body’s response, as advised by a clinical study focusing on the treatment of major depressive disorder and neurodegenerative illness.

To minimize unpleasant effects, it is advisable to get medical counsel before using the medicine and other supplements, drugs, or existing diseases.


The majority of clinical research on NSI 189 has been conducted on animals, with just a few studies conducted on people.

Nonetheless, patients’ Consequences are reported in small or higher doses regardless of taking it.

Dry mouth, restlessness, tiredness, headaches, dizziness, rash, hyperthermia, and palpitations are all possible side effects of the medication at 40 mg.

There are no serious long-term Consequences reported on animals when administered in high doses.

NSI-189 Reviews & Experiences Shared on Reddit

Despite the absence of a proper human clinical study, the phosphate compound was accessible for human ingestion on the market.

Here’s what others have said about their experiences with NSI 189.

Elasticoder claims that:

“I’ve been using it for a month in conjunction with a consistent exercising routine and vitamins. I must say that the results are amazing. I mix 40 mg in coffee or orange juice every morning. You will feel the effects within 15 minutes. At first, you will feel stimulated and motivated. The feeling is similar to Adderall but less intense and healthier…The best part about NSI-189 is that there is no withdrawal if you stop taking it at any point. Last but not least, this compound is very hard to find. I managed to find a legit vendor with authentic signed lab reports. You can check out their site ->”

In the words of falre1028us:

“NSI-189 has proven to be really valuable to me. Once a day in the morning, I take 50mg freebase. A soft wave of tranquility, increased long-term memory, and noticeably improved eyesight are the immediate results for me.”

According to the website TheChanceW:

“So, a little over a month ago, I began taking NSI-189, a freebase supplement purchased from… I took 40mg sublingually the first day, however it had very little impact… I repeated the process on the second and third days, with no noticeable results. I took 40mg with water on the fourth day and experienced a modest mood enhancement. I’ve been taking between 80 and 110mg orally in the morning for the last five days, sometimes on an empty stomach, sometimes not, and I feel like I’ve been resurrected.”

What’s the Difference Between NSI-189 Freebase and Phosphate Powder?

When both freebase and phosphate are accessible, people are often confused about which one to choose.

Both types benefit from the improvement of depression symptoms as well as improved cognitive performance.

To offer additional clarity, here’s what you should know about their differences.


Neuralstem Inc has been using phosphate in its clinical studies. It’s best taken orally and costs around 15% to 20% more than the other form, but it’s a lot more stable and has superior bioavailability.


For sublingual ROA, the freebase version is utilized. The nitrogen atom is linked to two carbon atoms and one hydrogen atom in the secondary amine. Its bioavailability is low.

If you’re thinking about buying NSI 189, keep the above considerations in mind to figure out if you want the free base or the phosphate.

Where to Buy Phosphate, NSI-189 Powder?

Due to its rarity, finding NSI 189 for sale might be difficult. Even if there is availability in the market, there are still important things to verify to guarantee that your selected seller is trustworthy and that the product you are purchasing is genuine.

Some vitamins and chemicals are overpriced, while others are underpriced. To prevent any issues with NSI-189, purchase from reputable suppliers and make sure to verify the following:

  • Credentials. Independent laboratory testing has been done by the seller.
  • Trustworthiness. The merchant has a lot of positive feedback.
  • Availability. Customers should be able to contact customer service for assistance.

Organoleptic verification is a time-consuming way of determining a compound’s identity.

If the chemical’s real look and physical qualities match the web reports, this approach is used.

In organoleptic verification, the elements to examine include often appearance, taste, and smell. The chemical is crystalline in appearance, has a slight odor, and has a bitter taste.

In comparison to other compounds, NSI-189 is not very thick. A 0.15cc scoop of the supplement contains 50 milligrams.

This dose is often used to treat people who have cognitive issues as well as depressive symptoms. The 40-120 mg NSI 189 dose may be used in a clinical research.


NSI-189 is being developed as a therapy for major depressive disorder.

Despite the absence of a human research, it was determined to be a viable antidepressant medicine, and the FDA gave it Orphan Drug Designation.

It also causes favorable brain reactions, which may help to enhance cognition and cure traumatic brain damage or aging.

In the medical world, the phase I clinical study had great anticipation for a substantial finding of a potential new antidepressant.

Other critical features of NSI-189’s effectiveness as a novel method for treating depression and cognitive disorder must, however, be addressed and evaluated.

Third-party tested for identity & purity

We have a long history of being a dependable provider.

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