The already tough fight against legalized cannabis in Colorado drew more attention this week, after the legislature passed a bill that would force pot shops to install security cameras and limit the amount of plants that can be grown in each home.

As of January 1, 2017, every town, city and county in Colorado will have the authority to ban recreational marijuana use in public.

Marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries in Colorado, but it’s not the most prevalent industry. In fact, in the 2016 election cycle, cannabis was the second-most-mentioned industry to voters. That said, the free market has led to a number of issues with legal marijuana in Colorado. First, low-capital growers have been forced out of the market, leaving only large-capital growers, who have higher prices and lower quality marijuana. Second, the black market has become a significant source of marijuana for Colorado consumers, especially for those who cannot afford the higher prices of the legal market.

Although Colorado shocked the nation by being one of the first states to legalize cannabis for adults, lawmakers are trying to limit the plant’s use, especially among teenagers. A bill introduced on 14. The bill, introduced in the Colorado Legislature on May 1, places strict limits on the purchase of concentrated cannabis, also known as dabs or wax, and makes it harder for people under 20 to get a medical marijuana card. Is this a sign that Colorado lawmakers regret coming up with cannabis legislation so quickly? Or is it just the natural progression of the effects of psychotropic substances?

Proposed changes to Colorado cannabis laws

HB21-1317 was filed with the Colorado Legislature in mid-May, just weeks before lawmakers concluded the 2021 session, and received bipartisan support. The bill addresses a number of issues related to the access to and acquisition of recreational and medicinal cannabis. While current medical cannabis laws in Colorado require a physician to review a potential patient’s medical history, the bill requires the physician to also review the patient’s mental health history. The prescriber must then confirm approval for the use of medical cannabis with the Ministry of Health and the Environment. For this certificate there is a recommendation for :

  • THC content in medical marijuana recommended;
  • Dosage form;
  • Permitted daily quantity ;
  • Recommendations for use

The bill specifically states that a physician may not charge a fee for recommending a higher dose or amount of herbal medicine. For cannabis patients between the ages of 18 and 20, the requirements for obtaining medical records also become more complicated. Two physicians, not one, from different practices as is currently the case, must diagnose the patient’s disabling or debilitating condition after a face-to-face consultation. The doctor should then explain the risks and benefits of medicinal cannabis use and provide the patient with written documentation of his or her condition and recommendations. A patient under the age of 20 should have a follow-up appointment with one of the original prescribers every six months. In addition to access to cannabis, the bill also proposes significant changes to the amount of cannabis concentrates that may be dispensed to patients, particularly those under the age of 20. Patients over 20 years old are allowed to buy 8 grams of cannabis concentrate per day, while patients under 20 years old can only buy 2 grams. The current limit for all patients is 40 grams per day.

Research on the effects of cannabis

In addition to changing restrictions and terms of purchase, lawmakers also want more information about the effects of cannabis on young people. The same bill requires the Department of Health and Environment to prepare a report based on emergency room and hospital discharge data for patients diagnosed with a condition or diagnosis that indicates marijuana use, and to present the report at the Department’s annual SMART hearing on statewide measures of responsible, accountable, and transparent government. In addition, in all cases of suicide, death by overdose or accidental death where the victim is under 25 years of age, the coroner must request a toxicology report to determine whether the victim was under the influence of cannabis. These results are reported to the state’s violent death reporting system. word-image-447

New law is softer than expected

Although the proposed changes to the legislation – particularly the 95% reduction in the cannabis concentration limit – are radical, the cannabis community can feel relieved. According to the Colorado Sun newspaper, a draft proposal leaked in February called for a 15 percent cap on GBT. Of all the states that have legalized the sale of recreational marijuana, only Vermont has set a limit on the amount of the substance. Vermont lawmakers have set a 30% THC limit for cannabis flower and a 60% THC limit for cannabis oil products such as concentrates. That will be problematic for a number of reasons, Mason Tvert, a partner at VS Strategies, a cannabis policy and public affairs firm, told The Sun. The main reason is that this will stimulate a new illegal supply to meet the demand for products that are no longer permitted. But more importantly, there’s no good reason for it. The cannabis industry in Colorado, which abruptly refused to enact cannabis restrictions, is a multi-billion dollar industry that is increasingly interfering with state politics. Cannabis industry leaders view the proposed legislation in May with caution. We’ve been at the table for months trying to find a balanced policy measure, and we really appreciate that the conversation has shifted to a more scientific approach to cannabis regulation, Colorado Leads and the Marijuana Industry Group said in a joint statement Friday. We have to be very careful to find the right balance between access to critical care and regulation. The two trade groups said in a statement that they will work to ensure that patients have access to constitutionally protected medicines while avoiding the unintended consequences of stifling our thriving and growing industry.

Is Colorado changing its mind about cannabis?

So what does that mean? It’s hard to say. Supporters of the bill, including Rep. Yadira Caraveo, who represents a Denver suburb and works as a pediatrician, said people between the ages of 18 and 20 who already have a medical marijuana card would not be affected by the measure, while those who have a legitimate medical need for higher doses of cannabis would have some discretion. In fact, she just wants to know more, especially about the impact of high concentration cannabis on young people. It appears that many of these non-accident deaths are linked to the ingestion of these substances, she told the Colorado Sun, but we want more information. This interest in the influence of cannabis on young people is not new, but it can be misleading. A 2015 survey by Healthy Kids Colorado found that 63 percent of high school students had never used marijuana. word-image-744 Emily Overholt is a writer and editor with a longstanding passion for the political and personal implications of cannabis. She is often interested in the intersection between cannabis, economics, politics and human stories. When she’s not online, you can find her pampering her dogs.Some critics of the state legislature’s efforts to increase regulations on the legal sale of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis products claim that the bill is an effort to prevent some people with medical conditions from accessing the product.  These critics point out that the bill prohibits all employers from allowing employees to use marijuana products during work hours, even if the marijuana is obtained for medical purposes and even if the product is recommended by a physician.  These critics also want the legislature to prohibit employers from refusing to hire employees who test positive for marijuana use.  These critics want the bill to prohibit the sale of marijuana products in pharmacies, even if a physician recommends the product.. Read more about mmj doctor online colorado and let us know what you think.

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