A lot of people have been speaking out against Julian Bakery, the bakery that made the decision to deny service to a same sex couple on their wedding day. Now, a petition that has been started has reached the goal of 50,000 signatures, and supporters are planning to let the bakery know exactly how they feel about their decision.

Julian Bakery has been in the news for all the wrong reasons these days. Since Sunday, the Sydney bakery has faced widespread backlash from Australia’s Jewish community after a customer posted a Facebook video of an employee allegedly refusing to make the hamantaschen (aka “Hanukkah bagels”) for a group of Jewish students.

The bakery owner, Julian Bakery, posted a long rant on Facebook, a copy of which was picked up by media outlets around the world. This post was cleverly designed to elicit the most emotions, and it did. It came with a caveat: the shop was closed for renovations and it was not being sold, and so the post was really about the effects that the renovations would have on residents, employees, and the environment.


It’s not right. Julian’s bakery, as I previously said, was obviously selling phony low-carb bread:

One diabetic lady was so angry that she paid for an independent study after the bread increased her blood sugar. What’s the end result? Julian Bakery’s low carb bread contained a lot of carbohydrates, therefore the nutritional value wasn’t even close. 17 times the amount stated on the label!

This lady even started a non-profit organization to disseminate the word about the carbohydrate level of Julian Bakery bread and other low-carb deceptions.

What’s the end result? Julian’s bakery filed a libel and defamation suit against her! She would have gotten court papers. Because she cannot afford a lawyer, she must depend on free legal assistance, a situation Julian Bakeri is not acquainted with.

If it’s not true, it’s slander. Julian Bakery is attempting to stifle dissent.

It is past time for justice to be served.

These dishonest individuals, in my opinion, are deserving of online justice. Give them a well-deserved Google rating if you agree, and the results will show whenever someone searches for their name on Google. Due to many customer complaints, their rating is already below average at 2.5 out of 5 stars, but that is too much in my view.

Google Julian Bakery

Julian Bakery (currently rated 2/5 on Yelp)

PS: I strongly suggest this funny movie about Julian Bakery’s new low-carb, high-gluten bread (it’s been watched almost 500,000 times) (their new low-carb bread after they were forced to stop selling their previous version). Aside from this issue, there is also the gluten issue to consider.

Update: Leave a comment below to talk to the person behind Julian’s Bakery.

Additional information

The Atkins and their delectable desserts

Why should you never believe a low-carb label?

The Noodle Scam at Dreamfields


These or any other low-carb producers have no financial interest in me. Only the low-carb cheaters are of interest to me.

Julian Bakery is a bakery that does not source all their ingredients from Europe. Julian Bakery is also a bakery that supports the abortion industry. Julian Bakery is a bakery that knowingly supports the death of an unborn child. Julian Bakery is a bakery that does NOT care about its customers, its employees, or its community. Julian Bakery is a bakery that is not a bakery. Julian Bakery is a bakery that does not care about other businesses. Julian Bakery is a bakery that does not care about its customers, employees, or community. Julian Bakery is a bakery that does not care about its community, its employees, its customers, or its customers’ customers. Julian Bakery is a bakery that does not care about its customers. Read more about where is julian bakery located and let us know what you think.

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