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Nature’s Heritage DabTabs are the perfect blend of science and nature. They use the highest quality marijuana, grown in Colorado’s beautiful high desert, the natural state of cannabis. The active ingredients in Nature’s Heritage DabTabs are all naturally derived. Nothing is added to these medical grade cannabis products. The amount of active ingredients in each dab is precisely measured and the dosage is carefully crafted so that each dose works synergistically with the other active ingredients.

Today we are looking at a new kind of concentrate called DabTabs! They are available through Maryland’s medical marijuana program under the brand name Nature’s Heritage, licensed by local company Kind Therapeutics. This is the second KT product I’ve liked – the Nature’s Heritage component I tried isn’t bad either. We had to give up some of their other products, so I’m glad I found one that I don’t have to talk about like crazy. I’ve got a couple of loops, I’ll let you know. SEVEN!!! (Psst. You can go on to my conclusion about DabTabs if you want). word-image-6991

Who is an heir of nature?

Kind Therapeutics produces flowers, concentrates, vapes and RSOs under the Nature’s Heritage brand in Maryland. We talked about this at length in my article about Kalm FUSION chewable tablets from Kind Therapeutics. To my knowledge, neither KT nor MariMed, the company they license their product lines to, have sent me terminators. But we must remain vigilant! The future of humanity is at stake! Mostly from me, but still human. Unless it turns out that my father is actually a living planet, in which case – sayonara, you suckers, I’m taking my own spaceship and a motley crew of intergalactic mercenaries and flying away from this stupid PDQ planet. Speaking of exploding…

What is a DabTab?

This is one of the coolest ideas I’ve come across in a long time. Instead of a pile of slime or fine crumbs, the concentrate is packed into these small cubes of natural mineral ceramic. They’re actually hexagons, but I didn’t want you to confuse them with the name I use for rap battles, MC Sextagon. In any case, the DabTab material will not melt. Their website states that these scrubbers are designed to handle a certain amount of extract (and are considered safe enough to be used in drinking water filtration). They’re getting a concentrate out of it. The tab is ready when it looks toasted. And most importantly: You don’t have to clean up afterwards! DabTabs come with a user guide, but you should refer to the downloadable manual directly from the website to review the recommendations for your specific device. The kit also includes clamps for working on inlays, which is very important. You’re getting warm. word-image-6992

DabTabs Flavour

I tested this product in both a rig (a bong used specifically for extracts) and a wax pen. The APX Pulsar wax crayon is interesting because it has three (quartz) coils instead of the usual two. I thought it would help me reach the high temperatures listed in the DabTabs instructions. For this test, Gentleman bought a sativa strain called Sunshine Daydream from the GreenLabs dispensary in Baltimore, because I love shiny new things as much as the next bird. Nature’s Heritage’s product definitely tastes like the full-spectrum extract listed on their website. It doesn’t taste great, but it’s natural and goes well with the Nature’s Heritage RSO I tried a while back. It was good – not great, but within tolerance. However, this tells me that any taste discrepancy in DabTabs is due to the extract used, not the tablet material.

DubTabs with Rig

My first tests took place at the facility. I don’t think I found the point I was looking for here. There are separate instructions for thin-walled and thick-walled quartz furnaces. However, without an electronic nail to set a certain temperature, you still have to guess how to set the temperature. For your information: There are only ten tabs per pack, so you can’t guess much. If I followed the thick-walled instructions exactly – heat to red, let cool, lower the tab into the jar and immediately close the carb cap – I got a decent punch, but it’s a little light. Powerful enough to feel, but not comparable to a full tabla. I could do it 2 or 3 times before the DabTab fell off. When I ignored the instructions and heated the puck along with the firecracker, I got a very strong kick, but the taste is terrible. Don’t do that. You can see the difference in the picture below: word-image-6993

  • Full Blast Dab is the lump of coal on the far left.
  • If you follow the instructions, the pad is on the inside – on the left side.
  • Wax handle for crispy, uneven toast inside – straight
  • Not used, most right

DabTabs with wax pen

Eventually I realized that DabTabs were perfect for use with a wax pen. My biggest complaint with pens is how quickly they get dirty. But DabTabs leave no trace, baby! Even with a triple sheathed pin, you have to heat the rings for 5-6 seconds before a poof occurs. I don’t know how your standard dual coil pens handle DabTabs, but with the APX Pulsar I got a nice, tasty draw. They are still cashing in on about 3-4 strikes.

DabTabs effects

Sunshine Daydream is claimed to be a sativa, but that’s not what I experienced at all. Even with the small cracks in the platform, the sofa draws us in. I tried DabTab in the pen before going out for the weekend, but quickly changed my mind and stayed home to watch Attack on Titan. I’ve always avoided this series because the title sounds like space fiction. Now that I know we’re talking about people being eaten by scary, smiling giants, I couldn’t agree with you more, son. Sunshine Daydream isn’t super soporific, but it’s definitely peaceful. Good control of anxiety, moderate improvement in mood. I wouldn’t use it during the day without coffee. It will be perfect if you are an adult at night and the bra is officially off. This photo does not show the full results because the label is folded over. word-image-6994 These tablets contain 377.5 mg of THC, or 37.75 mg each. Terpinolene is the dominant terpene (only 7.95 mg), but myrcene and ocimene are also present. The effects are consistent with my experience with these particular terpenes.

Approved Gentleman

I think DabTabs is a great product because it solves common problems with pills, but it could be even better. For example, the taste can be improved. Personally, I’d like them to increase my strength a bit, but I can accept that the dosage is intentionally reduced so as not to overload the body. I like that you don’t have to clean anything. After the test, both the plant and the wax crayon remained intact. Plus, DabTabs are easier to replace on the go than handling concentrate in a wax crayon, and they don’t melt in the heat, so you can keep them in your pocket. Cost should be the deciding factor. DabTabs are more expensive than a similar amount of extract – a half-gram pack cost me $50, but I’ve seen half-gram packs for $90. It’s a bit more than the $80 a full ounce of Maryland concentrate usually costs, but Gentleman understands the trade-off of juicy acidity for ultra-pleasant flavors. To the future, baby!

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