If you’re ready to start taking phenylpiracetam, the first thing you need to know is how much to take. The recommended dosage depends on a variety of factors, including the user’s current health status and weight. For those without medical conditions or other health concerns, the recommended daily dose can range anywhere from 50 to 100 milligrams, which should be spread out into two or three smaller doses throughout the day.

Phenylpiracetam is a newer nootropic supplement that continues to gather attention as more and more people find out about its benefits. Studies show that its benefits include concentration enhancement, improved learning and memory, and increased energy. Phenylpiracetam is a derivative of the original nootropic drug, piracetam. It is also known as phenotropil.

If you’re looking for a nootropic that can improve your memory, cognition, and concentration, then phenylpiracetam might help. It’s best to start with a low dose to see how you react, and increase the dosage if you want to experience greater benefits. We’ll explain how to take phenylpiracetam correctly and how to avoid some of the side effects.

This article covers everything you need to know about phenylpiracetam, including proper dosage, benefits, side effects, and tips for beginners. Finding ways to develop benefits in your daily life is one of the best ways to live a successful, fulfilling and productive life. We would all love to have more hours in a day, but since this is not possible, we have to look for ways to maximize our productivity. This is where nootropics come to the rescue. Nootropics are a powerful new class of substances that are good for the brain and offer a number of important benefits that can help improve all aspects of your cognitive performance. Of these substances, phenylpiracetam is one of the strongest and most effective options on the market. Today we take a closer look at Phenylpiracetam, including proper dosage, benefits, possible side effects, and more.

What is phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam belongs to a class of drugs known as racetams. The first of these, Piracetam, was developed in the 1960s. The researchers hoped to develop a drug that acts on GABA receptors to help people with insomnia. But when they got to Piracetam, they discovered a substance that made subjects more alert and productive, not sleepy. word-image-3230 Extensive studies on Piracetam have shown that it is a unique drug with many nootropic effects. However, a high dose was required to achieve a therapeutic effect. Newer forms of Piracetam have been developed, which require lower doses. Aniracetam, oxiracetam and pramiracetam were introduced in the 1970s. In 1983, phenylpiracetam was finally discovered. Although other drugs similar to Piracetam have been developed since then, including Noopept, Phenylpiracetam is the most recent drug that is structurally similar to Piracetam. It is also the most powerful of this group and, compared to the older and less powerful racetams, requires a much lower dosage. This class of drugs is particularly well studied compared to other nootropics, and many neurohackers consider racetams to be the most useful, effective, and safe nootropics.

How does phenylpiracetam work?

The mechanism of action determines how a drug or substance causes the reaction it produces in the body. Although more research is needed to fully support the mechanism of action of phenylpiracetam, we do know more about how this drug compares to many other nootropics. All racetams affect the choline and glutamate systems in the brain. We now know that acetylcholine, also known as ACh, plays an important role in our overall cognitive function, particularly in relation to memory. At the same time, the glutamate system plays an important role in our mood, stress levels, etc. When Piracetam was first developed, it was poorly absorbed by the body, leading to many iterations. It is believed that the addition of the phenyl group improves the absorption of phenylpiracetam by the body, thus requiring a lower dose to achieve a therapeutic effect. Many in the nootropic community consider phenylpiracetam to be the most effective drug in this class. As one of the newer drugs in the racetam class, phenylpiracetam has not been as extensively studied as its older relatives piracetam. Most studies on this drug have focused on treating specific problems, with varying degrees of success. In one study, researchers found that phenylpiracetam improved cognitive, motor, and mobility function in patients with cerebral encephalopathy. Other studies in subjects with brain damage have shown that phenylpiracetam has neuroprotective and anti-amnestic effects. In a study of phenylpiracetam as a treatment for stroke, researchers concluded that it significantly improved neurological function in subjects at a daily dose of 400 mg for one year. In another study, phenylpiracetam also improved cognitive function in subjects with epilepsy. The role that the racetamine group plays in the production of GABA and HA is well documented, and there is a proven link between the choline and glutamate systems and our response to stress, anxiety, feelings of depression, and overall mood. Phenylpiracetam supports these systems and has antidepressant and anxiety-inhibiting effects. In addition to studies specifically on phenylpiracetam, there are also studies on previous racetams, with piracetam accounting for the largest number of studies. Although we need more studies on each racetam to understand its true potential, this class of drugs has had the most research and the most consistent results of all nootropics. Given the promising research on phenylpiracetam, it is not surprising that neurohackers are trying to replicate in their own studies the same benefits that have been observed in studies on this drug. Phenylpiracetam is one of the most popular nootropics, and many users talk about their personal experiences with this drug. Many people who have taken this medication report that it improves mental clarity, increases cognitive ability, and helps one focus on the task at hand. Many also find that it improves social interaction, improves their mood and reduces anxiety. There are also reports that phenylpiracetam increases resistance to cold. We have already discussed the potency of Phenylpiracetam compared to other agents in the same class. Therefore, the required therapeutic dose is considerably lower. The dosage of phenylpiracetam may vary depending on the benefits you expect to receive. Most users find that a dose of 200-400 mg per day is the ideal amount to achieve cognitive and mood-enhancing effects. For the most pronounced effect, the dosage can be increased to 600-800 mg per day. Most users spread the doses throughout the day and usually take 100 mg at a time. Phenylpiracetam capsules and tablets are usually available in a strength of 100 mg for easy dosing. Tablets or capsules are the most popular options on the market, but phenylpiracetam is also available in powder form. Powder is the preferred option for sublingual administration, but because of its rapid action, oral administration of phenylpiracetam is almost as effective and the onset of action is almost as rapid as sublingual administration. While some racetams are fat soluble, phenylpiracetam is water soluble, so it is not necessary to take a dose with a fat source to improve absorption. Because racetams can deplete choline supplies through various processes associated with them, a source of choline is usually added when phenylpiracetam is taken. This allows your brain to deliver the ACh that phenylpiracetam requires, which can improve overall performance and help prevent headaches. Like other racetams, phenylpiracetam has a loading time, so it may take several days or even a week or two for the drug to show its full effect. Keep this in mind when you begin taking the medication, and reduce the urge to immediately increase the dose of phenylpiracetam. After 2 to 4 weeks of taking the drug, the dose can be doubled and then brought back to the original dose. Racetams have a reverse tolerance, so you can revert to a lower dose without reducing the drug’s effectiveness. If you just took another Racetam, you can ignore this indication, as the loading time applies to all Racetams. For example, if you were using Aniracetam and switched to Phenylpiracetam, you will have no loading time. Phenylpiracetam is considerably more potent than the racetams developed in the 1960s and 1970s. If you are familiar with other racetams, you should keep in mind that the dosage of phenylpiracetam is much lower than piracetam or aniracetam.

Adverse reactions to phenylpiracetam

One of the reasons for the continued popularity of Racetams is that they have virtually no side effects. While these drugs have powerful psychological effects, they lack many of the side effects that are found with other drugs used to treat similar disorders. Phenylpiracetam is also considered to be virtually non-toxic, although more research is needed before a definitive statement can be made about its long-term effects on the brain and body. Although most users find the side effects of phenylpiracetam minimal or nonexistent, the most common problems reported by users are as follows:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headaches.
  • Irritability
  • Nausea

The most commonly reported side effects are sleep disturbances and headaches. These side effects are also the easiest to prevent. To reduce sleep problems, take your dose earlier and consider adding a source of choline.

Where to buy phenylpiracetam

At Nootropics.com you can buy Phenylpiracetam in a package of 60x250mg capsules. You can also try our Powerhouse stack if you need a boost to stay focused, motivated and productive. All of our products undergo a unique quality control process after manufacture and are then subject to a stringent quality assurance process in an independent third party laboratory. A link to our certificate of authenticity can be found on our Phenylpiracetam product page. We verify identity and purity and use FTIR and HPLC to ensure the sample is free of heavy metals. Our customers receive free shipping for orders over $70 in the U.S. and $200 for international orders. If you buy 2 or more boxes, you get 5% off and 10% off. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee after purchasing one of our products. We only use vegetable capsules that are suitable for vegans. A strong cognitive effect is only half the story when it comes to Piracetam. This well-studied nootropic also has neuroprotective properties and has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress. For these reasons, it is not surprising that phenylpiracetam is one of the most popular drugs in the nootropic community. word-image-3231 If you are looking for a supplement that promotes brain health, cognitive function, and high mental performance, this may be a great supplement to consider. As with all medicines, stop taking phenylpiracetam if you notice any side effects and consult your doctor if you have any questions.Finding the right Phenylpiracetam dosage can be a challenge. This nootropic can be more potent than other Racetams, and even the same dosage can be different from person to person. In fact, some people claim that Phenylpiracetam is the most potent Racetam, and that it has significantly more kick than Piracetam. But how do you find out what dosage is right for you?. Read more about phenylpiracetam half-life and let us know what you think.

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