Dogs love to chew. Most of the time, this is a good thing. It keeps a dog’s teeth clean and helps him chew his food thoroughly. There are, however, some situations where chewing can become harmful. For example, if a dog is kept in a cage, he may chew through the wire and get stuck. If he’s kept in the yard, he may chew on plants and cause them to die. Dogs that chew too much can also develop painful, dangerous teeth, gums, and jaws and/or stomach issues.

There is a wide variety of edible products on the market, and one of the most popular dog treats is soft chews. They are made from all sorts of ingredients and are designed to offer something that is edible but not enjoyable. Soft chews are often touted as being safe for dogs to chew on even when they are full, which makes them ideal, since dogs are known for being “chewers” and often want to chew when they are bored. They are thought to be a healthier alternative to metal-based, hard chews, since they are not made with any real food ingredients.

word-image-8950 – display Pet Releaf, long known as the leading CBD brand for pets, has added new ingredients to its Edibites, including marshmallow root, chamomile, noni, baobab, ginger, chondroitin and glucosamine, specifically designed to support pet health. Steven Smith, president and co-founder of Pet Releaf, says the company is focused on providing safe and effective products to promote pet health and help owners raise happy pets. By adding these safe and well-researched ingredients, the company wanted to optimize the immunity and relaxation of the pets and ensure that they are free from discomfort and pain. Edibites are now available online and in selected stores worldwide, with new fresh and healthy ingredients. The new product line includes:

  • CBD Digestive Health Edibites $20.99, with 60 mg per pouch, or 2 mg of active CBD per chew stick, in a sweet potato pie flavor with marshmallow root and ginger to improve pet digestion.
  • CBD Calming Edibites $20.99, 60 mg in a pack and 2 mg of active CBD in each jaw are available in carob and oil flavors and contain essential ingredients like chamomile and baobab, perfect for calming pets in situations like fireworks, travel and thunderstorms.
  • Edibites CBD for Joints and Hips $17.99, with 45 mg per pouch and 1.5 mg of active CBD per chew stick, offered in banana and peanut butter flavors, made with noni, glucosamine and chondroitin, essential for promoting joint health and mobility in pets.
  • CBD Immunity-Boosting Edibles $17.99, each packet contains 45 mg of CBD, or 1.5 mg each, is available in tart and sweet potato flavors, and is made with blueberry and cranberry ingredients, ideal for boosting pets’ immune systems.

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Pet Releaf is highly regarded worldwide as one of the leading suppliers of CBD products for pets and specializes in the production of high-quality hemp products for mammals, including dogs and cats. Pet Releaf products use USDA certified pesticide-free hemp. The hemp is grown naturally on the company’s hemp farms in Colorado. Because the company sources hemp from organic hemp plants and combines it with other sustainable organic ingredients, it has managed to create products that pet parents love. Pet Releaf’s CBD pet products are available at more than 7,000 retailers worldwide. To learn more about Releaf’s new chewing products, consumers can visit the official website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Healthy Edibles chew treats safe for dogs?

With all the options out there, your dog may have a hard time deciding which treats are best. There are edibles that are found in many different forms, including soft chew, cookies, and balls. However, you should always do your research and make sure the treats are safe for your dog. In 2015, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) issued a public health alert to the public regarding the health risks from the consumption of raw cannabis edibles for dogs. The alert specifically cited the potential of cannabis to cause dangerous and even fatal liver and kidney failure in dogs. The WSDA went on to state that even though it is legal in Washington State for pet owners to give their dogs cannabis edibles, they can still cause serious harm to their pets.

What edible chews are safe for puppies?

Dog food is a frequently discussed topic in the pet industry. Most products are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs, which can lead to health problems in puppies. Soft chews are a great way to help your pup stay healthy by providing them with a safe, healthy snack alternative. Soft chews are an effective way to address certain dental or intestinal health issues in dogs, as well as a natural aid to help your dog lose weight. Soft chews contain no fillers or artificial ingredients, making them a more natural alternative to other chews. However, they do have a few drawbacks. While soft chews are still a healthy option, they have their own unique set of risks and potential side effects.

What are good soft treats for dogs?

Most dogs love to chew on something that they can get their teeth into and destroy. This is great as long as your dog is not chewing on your favorite furniture or your favorite shoe, but some dogs may be at risk of choking on small toys. This is where soft chew edibles for dogs come in.  Soft Chew Edibles for Dogs *Note: This is a very long post, and I split it into 2 parts because it was too long to fit in this page. The first part is the “Why” and the second part is the “What”. Why Soft Chew Edibles for Dogs? We all know that dogs can get into your stuff. When this happens, they can even break a bone or There are many reasons why a person may want to give their dog a soft treat, especially if they are concerned that their dog might have a dental issue or a medical condition that may be aggravated by food or treats. The list of negative things that can be caused by the ingestion of certain foods or treats is very extensive, and may include everything from dental issues to diabetes. So, what should you feed your dog? Well, plenty of people have given this question a lot of thought, and they have come up with some fairly good advice.

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