Our clients and our athlete clients are serious about their training. They understand that physical fitness is a lifestyle, not a short term, transactional exercise. As a network of health care professionals we are committed to helping you, a fellow health care professional, live a fit and healthy lifestyle. We have put together a list of “Top 5 things” that you, the elite fitness professional, can do to live a healthy lifestyle.

The healthy living industry is booming. From fad diets to exercise routines, most people are looking for a shortcut to an overall healthier lifestyle. But despite an abundance of advice and information, many people simply don’t know where to start. This post will serve as an introduction to the five best practices for elite fitness pros.

The fitness industry is changing rapidly, providing great opportunities for some and threatening the careers of others. But a few timeless practices will always put you among the elite in the field, change lives and keep your own fitness level high.

is based on coaching. Our team consists of some of the best fitness professionals in the world, working full time to get our clients in the best shape of their lives.

Thousands of people in over 87 countries have gone through our certification program to learn how to do the coaching we do – with our clients.

In the 12 years since PN was founded, I have seen people and trends in the fitness industry come and go. But some things are timeless.

Today I want to share the top five tips I give to our coaches. The 5 practices that, in my experience, define what it means to be an elite fitness professional and have a successful business.

1. Learn about all aspects of fitness, not just exercise.

Fitness is more than a workout. Your clients inevitably need help recovering from their injuries, changing their behavior, improving their eating habits, and so on.

A top fitness professional should know enough about chiropractic, nutrition, change psychology and other aspects of fitness to be on the front lines helping clients – and referring them to specialists if necessary. Expand your classes beyond physical exercise and you will become indispensable.

2. Be a student, not just a teacher.

Over time, most teachers don’t learn, or worse, think they know it all. While it may not be obvious, that’s when their careers end.

It’s not about knowing everything. You can’t. And it’s not healthy to try. Rather, it is about maintaining a willingness to learn, improve and challenge old beliefs.

Right now, everything you want to know is just a click away. Take advantage of it, because the gap between those who pursue excellence and those who just follow the routine is widening by the day.

3. Try to build a relationship with customers instead of controlling them.

The better your relationship with your customers, the more results they will achieve. It’s very simple. The trust and relationship you build with your clients is far more important than the details of what you teach them, the degree you have earned or your coaching style.

The easiest way to build trust and understanding? Spend less time telling your customers what to do and more time listening to them without judging them.

Psychologist Daniel Goleman calls this attunement, which is being present without ulterior motives when you are genuinely trying to connect with the person and understand them. The most skilled coaches I’ve seen have mastered this skill, whether they call it that or not. And without that, you can’t foster change in another person.

4. Prioritize your own fitness, even over that of your clients.

As the plane’s security video says: Put on your oxygen mask first. To help others, you must first help yourself – otherwise you will become useless to them. You don’t have to be a fitness model or an Olympic athlete, but you do need to master the same exercises you ask your clients to do.

In many ways, a career as a fitness professional is more difficult than an outsider might think. Yes, you can work out in or near a gym and immerse yourself in the world of health and fitness all day long. But often, with good intentions, we try to meet the needs and desires of others before we meet our own. Give yourself permission to prioritize your fitness, because everything else depends on it.

5. Take your own bus.

Everyone who coaches should have a coach. You can only do it properly if you have experienced the coaching relationship from both sides: as a coach and as a client.

For example, the best psychotherapists have their own therapists; this is a process called clearing, where the therapist clears his or her own problems so that they are not projected onto the patient.

In the field of psychotherapy, it is common to get the same benefits as you, and for good reason. This is not the case in the fitness industry, and clients suffer because most fitness professionals do not understand what it is like to be a client.

Ask yourself: How much do you believe in what you do? And does this reflect your actions?

If you’re a coach, do you have a coach? Are you a masseur? Do you have a masseur? If you’re a nutrition coach, do you have a nutrition coach?

If not, find it. Furthermore, by doing what you say, you bring a level of integrity, empathy and expertise to your profession that will forever make you one of the best in your field.

In fact, I highly recommend anyone who wants to make a difference in their clients’ lives to participate in a program like Lean Eating at least once in their lifetime; because of the coaching you get, the guidance you can observe and what it says about you as a professional.

A program like Lean Eating will not only change your body, it will change the way you approach your workouts.

Want help becoming the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of yourself?

Most people know that regular exercise, good nutrition, sleep and stress management are important to feeling and looking good. However, they need help applying this knowledge in the context of their busy, sometimes stressful lives.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped over 100,000 clients lose fat, get stronger and improve their health with the coaching method… all the time…. no matter what challenges they face.

That’s why we work with health, fitness and wellness professionals (through our level 1 and 2 certification programs) to teach them how to coach their clients to solve the same problems.

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[Comment: If your health and fitness are already good, but you want to help others, check out our Level 1 certification program].

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