Marijuana legalization is coming to a state near you. A new Gallup poll finds 57 percent of Americans now support legalization, a 10-point increase since 2011. If that trend continues, marijuana will be legal in 30 states by 2020, despite marijuana remaining federally illegal.

According to a recent poll of the American public, more people now support the legalization of marijuana than oppose it. Although there is still a large amount of opposition to the legalization of marijuana, this is the first time that a majority of U.S. citizens have said that they favor legalization. The issue of legalizing marijuana has been before the U.S. Congress for years, but the topic has not been gaining much traction.

The U.S. media has considerably downplayed the fact that the U.S. will legalize marijuana in at least one state this year. But that is quickly changing, with the latest polls showing that more than half of Americans support legalizing marijuana for recreational use. In fact, CNBC reported that a recent poll found that 57% of Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized.. Read more about marijuana’s legalized federal 2021 and let us know what you think.

One thing I’ve studied over the years in relation to marijuana learning is the increasing absurdity of the legal situation in the United States.

Every time the calendar changes, we see more and more states legalizing weed across the country. At the federal level, however, marijuana remains a List I drug and cannot become legal anywhere.

But with the recent legalization of weed in Connecticut, I think we are fast approaching a point of no return.

I’m not suggesting that Connecticut (the 19th state in the US to legalize recreational weed) will be the final straw.

Legal sales of recreational marijuana in Connecticut won’t happen for another year, so the new legislation won’t have much of an impact on U.S. marijuana sales in the near future. Connecticut is also a small state, so it won’t have a big impact on overall cannabis sales. (Source: This Week in CT: A Breakdown of the Recreational Marijuana Bill Signed Into State Law, News 8, June 27, 2021).

But what Connecticut is doing for the cause of legalizing marijuana in the United States only further underscores the absurdity of the current situation.

Recreational marijuana is now legalized in 19 states. The 19th. We are approaching the point where nearly half of the states in the country are legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

The United States, as far as I know, is a democracy where the majority rules. Of course, this is a very simplistic view of the form of democracy in this country, but the fact is that we are getting closer to 25 states where marijuana is legal.

We have already reached the point where the vast majority of U.S. citizens have access to legal recreational marijuana (they live in states where it is legal, or in border states).

Moreover, the vast majority of American citizens support the legalization of marijuana.

This. That’s it. It’s crazy. Dear reader, there is no other way to describe what is happening here. And honestly, I don’t think I’m the only one who notices.

Although politicians from both parties (especially the Democratic Party) are warming to the idea of federal legalization of marijuana in the United States, this warming has not yet translated into action at the legislative level.

Even with a slim majority, Democrats failed to pass legalization of marijuana. Frankly, if Democrats were really pushing for marijuana legalization, it’s highly likely that the legislation would be stymied by unwilling party centrists or by a filibuster that would need 60 votes in the Senate to overcome.

Regardless, the current situation in the United States regarding the legalization of marijuana is unsustainable.

What does this mean for supporters of marijuana stocks? Well, in a very strong position indeed.

I know it can’t last forever. You know it can’t last forever. American politicians know this can’t go on forever. The only solution in such a case is the legalization of marijuana at the federal level. This in turn will lead to a significant increase in stocks of all kinds – both in Canada and the United States.

Eventually, and I say this with almost absolute certainty, there will be federal legalization of marijuana in the United States in the next few years. We’ve known this for a long time. The question was always when, not if.

When marijuana is legalized, we will definitely see a surge in marijuana-related stocks. Participating in the project before the legislation is passed can therefore be a good way to take advantage of the potential exponential benefits.

Investors should keep in mind that not all marijuana stocks are created equal before betting on marijuana stocks that have not yet been legalized. While we will likely see an increase in all cannabis stocks, some are in a better position than others.

In my opinion, the companies that are able to quickly enter the U.S. market will reap the greatest benefits from the upcoming federal legalization of marijuana.

And there will be many American companies entering the marijuana market and buying each other up to better position themselves in that market.

All of this means that investors should be looking for the best marijuana stocks in the near future in anticipation of this unique opportunity.


Another day, another US state legalizes marijuana. It may not be a common occurrence, but the regularity with which marijuana legalization is being expanded at the state level in the U.S. is impressive and encouraging for investors in the field.

And, as just mentioned, the next step for marijuana stock investors is to determine which companies are best positioned to benefit from the inevitable federal legalization of marijuana in the United States.

Keep an eye on Profit Confidential for the information you need to make informed decisions about how to best profit from the U.S. marijuana stock market.Marijuana legalization is continuing to grow in popularity throughout the United States. Currently, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana, and four have legalized recreational marijuana as well. The movement to legalize marijuana is gaining traction and support for its many medical and social benefits.. Read more about latest legalization news and let us know what you think.

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