If you’re a cannabis consumer, then you’ve probably been bombarded with ads for cannabis-related products lately. So, here’s a roundup of the latest news of what’s going on in the cannabis industry.

Weekly cannabis roundup – May 14, 2017

Colorado Governor Polis recently amended a bill to allow the use of medicinal cannabis in elementary and middle schools. Maryland state police will no longer be able to use the smell of cannabis to justify Terry-style arrests, and Switzerland may soon legalize the recreational use of cannabis.

Video Transcript

Colorado governor signs bill allowing medicinal cannabis in K-12 schools And Switzerland may soon legalize the recreational use of cannabis. This Lo with Veriheal keeps you up to date on the latest cannabis news.

Colorado elementary and secondary schools must recognize cannabis as a drug

If you consider cannabis to be medicine, it makes perfect sense to allow its use in schools for children who need it. Colorado Governor Polis has signed a law allowing the distribution of non-smoked forms of medicinal cannabis to elementary and middle school students in the state. School principals originally had the option of allowing or prohibiting the distribution of medical cannabis in schools, but are now required to do so. The bill would discipline nurses and require that medicinal cannabis be treated the same as any other prescription drug. For those who disagree with this bill, any school personnel who feel uncomfortable would have the right to withdraw, Nonetheless, school employees must comply with the law.

Maryland police cannot arrest you for smelling of cannabis

Next news, In Maryland, police are no longer allowed to stop and search people because of the smell of cannabis. A recent Maryland Court of Appeals ruling states that law enforcement officers must have reasonable suspicion of a crime before arresting a person. word-image-3608 In the past, an odor could trigger a search, interrogation or even arrest of a person, sometimes leading to the discovery of other contraband. In Maryland, possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis has been removed from the criminal law. But, the presiding judge said, because the odor does not indicate a specific amount of marijuana, that odor alone cannot serve as reasonable suspicion that someone is involved in criminal activity or in possession of a criminal amount of the product. It should be noted that this provision only applies to so-called Terry stops, where police officers may briefly detain a person suspected of a crime. It doesn’t apply to vehicles… yet.

Switzerland can legalise recreational use

One more thing, Switzerland may soon legalize cannabis use for adults Cannabis possession was decriminalized in 2012, and last September the country launched an adult-use pilot program, giving several thousand registered individuals access to cannabis. Products under the program must be manufactured in the country, have a THC content of 20% and be packaged in a way that does not attract children. Last week, lawmakers voted on a plan that would eventually legalize access to cannabis for all adults in Switzerland. If you’re a cannabis lover who likes to travel, you can add Switzerland to your wish list soon. So, like this video and follow us on Veriheal for the latest cannabis news. Thanks for watching! word-image-8654 Lo is a millennial mother trying to live life to the fullest. Her interests include travel, design, food and promoting responsible cannabis use.

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