Online personal training (OT) is a growing industry that is combining traditional fitness services with online technology to offer convenience to people who want to change their lifestyle. However, the first step is to understand what it is, what it involves and whether it is worth it.

Online personal training is a new way to get fit that is both convenient and affordable. When you combine the flexibility to work out at your own time and on your own schedule with the convenience of online sessions, you can make exercise easier than ever.

Online personal training is a trend nowadays. However, what is online personal training exactly? Well, that’s easy, it is a way to learn and train at the same time. You can see trainers in action and learn from them via their video lessons. But before you go for the online personal training, there are some things you should know.

Online personal training is about the same. It’s Monday morning. You get out of bed and pour yourself a cup of coffee. After taking the first sip, open your phone. There’s a message from your coach. Hello. I hope you had a good weekend. How about exercising and eating at the beginning of the week? You will also notice some changes in your training that will help with the knee you mentioned. Let me know how it goes today. For the first time in years, you can be sure that you are doing the right training to achieve your goals. And follow a diet that makes sense and is not restrictive. In today’s article, you will learn more about the pros and cons of online personal training. If it makes sense to you. And how to find a good online coach.

Why I worked with online coaches

Here’s a secret. Most coaches use trainers. I worked with Mike Fitzgerald of Opex Fitness when I was doing Crossfit. I always hire my buddy Tyler to do workouts for me. And in my late 20s, I worked with Brian St. Clair. Pierre from Precision Nutrition to improve my relationship with food and stop overeating. Why would someone who knows exactly what to do hire a coach? Because health and fitness had become a burden and it was the last thing I wanted to think about. The value of someone else thinking for me became clear. The reality is that health and fitness will not always be your top priority. But that’s not necessary for success either. When stress, work and other obligations take over, exercise and diet are easily put on the back burner. That seems to be the only option. But having a coach in your corner working with you to overcome the biggest obstacles to success is a powerful tool. By using an online personal trainer and nutritionist, I was able to have someone else customize a workout and diet to fit my schedule. I was able to wake up with a clear conscience. I knew I was doing the right thing to get the best results. Even during a difficult time in my life.

What is personal e-learning?

You are the one trying to understand fitness and nutrition without a trainer. It’s like trying to find buried treasure without a map. And it’s also you who controls fitness and nutrition with a trainer. You will receive a card and all you have to do is follow the instructions. Of course, you can do it yourself. But an online personal trainer is a more effective way to get the results you want. word-image-6357 Online personal training is identical to on-site personal training, except you are not dependent on someone else’s location and schedule. Get the best fitness, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your specific goals. Because your coach has more time to answer your questions and give you feedback. It’s a new and exciting way to get what you need, when you need it, without the restrictions and expense of a gym. This allows online personal trainers to offer better and more cost-effective services. Some coaches use apps like True Coach, Trainerize or ProCoach to help them organize workouts, provide nutrition advice and communicate. While other coaches use email, Google Sheets or other methods to give you what you need when you need it. As a general rule, daily, weekly and monthly audits are conducted to verify compliance and progress. These follow-up meetings often include messages, video sessions, or phone calls.

What are the benefits of online personal training?

Health and fitness will probably never be your top priority, and that’s okay. And that’s where most people go wrong when it comes to health and fitness. It doesn’t have to be you to build a body you can be proud of. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Or it’s a round pin in a square hole. Either way, it won’t work. The more you try, the more frustrated you become. word-image-6358 The biggest advantage of hiring an online coach is that you can focus on things like family, work and personal interests. Your trainer will take care of the training and nutrition. They do everything else.

You are NOT simply paying for the time someone else spends in the gym. You pay for more, so you get what you deserve.

With one-on-one coaching, there is a strange psychological phenomenon where clients and even some coaches only see value in the hour you spend in the gym together. But real coaching goes far beyond that. You don’t just pay for an hour in the gym with a trainer. You pay them for their expertise, support and responsibility. This affects the other 23 hours of your day. Since you are not in the gym together, you and the trainer give value to those 23 hours.

Fits your schedule

With face-to-face coaching it is often the case that if you have to cancel a session due to unforeseen circumstances, you have to pay for it. With online personal training, you have the option to work out when it’s convenient for you, not when it’s convenient for you.

  • Do your children have to go to school? No problem.
  • Do you have to stay late at work? Very cool.
  • Want to get some sleep and reschedule your workout for later? Yeah, you can do that too.

Your coach is ALWAYS with you

Going to a restaurant and don’t know what to order? Just send a message to get in touch with a trainer for support. Are you traveling and need to adjust your training and diet? No problem, open your phone and tell your coach.

It is not expensive

Since your trainer has no gym fees or overhead, they can charge much less. Without compromising on personal attention and care for you. You get the same individual and personal attention at a reduced price and with great flexibility.

Increased communication and support

A face-to-face meeting usually begins and ends in the gym. With online personal training, communication with a coach outside of office hours is encouraged and expected.

External motivation

Knowing that someone is monitoring your workouts, your food log, and your progress is something very powerful. You don’t want to disappoint your coach, and he doesn’t want to disappoint you, so everything goes your way.

What are the disadvantages of online personal training?

However, online personal training also has its drawbacks. Most training providers allow you to download a video of the form check with one click. There is no real-time feedback or instant assessment of form like in a gym. However, most good online personal trainers take you through a training process where they see your body move. Therefore, the optimal exercises are assigned based on the movements of your body. Many people feel more responsible when they have someone to hang out with. You pay for the meeting and lose money if you don’t show up. But if you don’t want to exercise, you’ll find a way not to.

What does online personal training usually get you?



Customized training based on your personal preferences and available equipment. Someone who really looks at your training and activity and recommends changes. An expert in your pocket who sets goals with you, for example. For example, walk 10 minutes at a moderate pace today or do 10 squats before lunch. All you have to do is click on the button and confirm that the destination has been reached. You don’t have to come up with a perfect plan. Just follow the instructions, which have been prepared especially for you. You will wake up every day knowing exactly how to train and fuel yourself to reach your goals. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. You will have the confidence that you know exactly what to do and when to do it. Instead of worrying about your lack of willpower, set a plan that doesn’t require that willpower to stay on track. Your training program will be easy to access and follow. Practical demonstrations and form checks are possible at any time. The training may include tips and instructions on how best to achieve your goals. Trainers can even upload custom workout videos for your workout plan if needed.

Nutritional guidelines and recommendations

Someone who will actually look at your food diary and suggest changes or even make recommendations about calorie intake and portion sizes at each meal. You can even set a goal, like. B. Eat vegetables for lunch today. Are you going to a restaurant, traveling or don’t know what to buy in the supermarket? That’s what your coach is for.

Thought and lifestyle management

If you do health and fitness, if you do anything. I can guarantee with 100% certainty that several things will happen.

  • You won’t always be motivated
  • At some point, you’re gonna feel tired
  • Stress makes it difficult
  • You’ll soon get tired of it.
  • Sometimes you feel like you have too much to do.

This is all normal and to be expected. The best thing you can do is make a plan for them. That’s what a coach is for. To help you think.

Everything else as required

Your coach is your guide and support system, but it’s your journey and you make the decisions. You can indicate what you would like to work on, what you would like to change, and what you think makes more sense based on your current situation. You know your life better than a coach can. Share what catches your eye and where you feel stuck. The coach offers experience, support and advice. Whatever your goals are.

Some bonuses I include in the online coaching

  • Rule Index : Don’t know what to do? I’ll take care of you with my own repertoire of recipes. You’ll also get a protein shake preparation guide that shows you how to make the perfect super shake every time.
  • Weekly courses and training : I will give you 2 to 3 lessons per week during 12 weeks. These classes are designed to help you find your way in the real world of fitness and nutrition.

Instead of overwhelming you with a lot of information at once. We cover key skills, habits and knowledge so you can take action and not get discouraged. Think of these lessons as if I were sitting on your shoulder. Calmly remind yourself of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

How about personalized online nutrition coaching?

If you want to lose fat or build muscle, you will need it. I developed my program after seeing people who exercised every day, were active and ate healthy, but didn’t see the changes in their bodies they expected. After several years of coaching, I have come to the conclusion that this is usually due to inconsistent food choices and not knowing how much they are eating. Your coach will approach nutrition differently. In some you can track calories and macros. In other cases, you can work on your eating habits and skills. While others may help you follow a particular diet, such as. B. Keto or intermittent fasting. Whatever the problem, the coach is there to support you and give you the tools to succeed. Not to tell you what you can and cannot eat.

Is online personal training something for me?

It’s not for everyone, but it can work for you if.


Coaching can help you lose weight and fat, build strength and confidence, achieve lasting results and get off the diet roller coaster once and for all. Good trainers won’t feed you crazy diets or workout routines; instead, they’ll help you develop habits that will give you lasting results.


If you’ve ever tried something and it failed – or if you just can’t stick with it – know that you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. Finally, self-directed exercise and nutrition programs fail 98% of the time. Not to mention that I’ve seen dozens of diets and workouts over the years in the fitness industry. That’s why I don’t follow trends. Good trainers teach you doable daily activities that fit into an active lifestyle. Summary: You will learn how to incorporate fitness and nutrition into your life without consuming it.


Nothing worthwhile can be done alone. That’s why I work closely with my clients to help them eat right and move, no matter what’s going on in their lives. You’re already very busy and you have a lot to do. It’s up to your trainer to take care of your fitness and nutrition so you don’t have to.


Coaching is not just about exercise and eating right. It’s about personal development so you can live your life to the fullest. Find out what is holding you back and what is preventing you from living your life to the fullest.


  • You have a busy schedule and need to be flexible in your training.
  • I don’t like the gym and prefer to train at home.
  • Love the gym, but enjoy it when it’s your time.
  • Living in a remote area
  • It is good to communicate with an online coach who does not live near you.
  • you are often on the road for work or in general and need exercise and nutrition on the go
  • You want results at a lower price

What should I look for in an online personal trainer?

There is certainly no shortage of personal trainers and instructors. How do you know if you have found a good specialist? The most important thing is to be clear about exactly what you want from a coach.

  • Do they have experience in the area you want to train?
  • Can they adapt to your personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do they listen to you during the introductory meeting and during coaching? Instead of telling you what to do.
  • Do they ask questions and value your input?
  • Do they make smart, effective workouts or do they just give you 100 reps because it makes you sweat?
  • Does the coach focus on results and behavior?
  • Do they have any trainer certifications such as (Precision Nutrition, Online Trainer Certification, Mac-Nutrition, NSCA, CSCS or other personal training, strength training or nutrition certifications)?
  • Did they go to school and study related areas
  • Do they invest time in learning how to communicate with people and build relationships?

*The fact that a trainer is certified does not mean that he or she is a good trainer. And just because a coach doesn’t have degrees doesn’t mean he can’t coach. Let them share how they interact with you and the results they achieve for their clients.

How much does online personal training cost? (and other frequently asked questions)

Can I train with an online personal trainer if I have injuries? Yes. Most trainers see clients with lower back, knee and shoulder injuries. Online coaches can help you address and often solve your problems. Can an online personal trainer help a beginner? Absolutely. Most trainers excel at working with newcomers. Your coach can break down training and nutrition into easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply habits, skills and practices that don’t feel overwhelming. How long does it take to complete an online personal training course? Everything adapts to you. If you need to train for 30 minutes 3 days a week, your trainer will be able to offer you this. If you decide to attend continuing education on the weekend, they will take you there. Your workouts and diet will fit you and your life. Whether you’re traveling, short on time, or something else. Everything evolves with you and your life. How much does online personal training cost? Working with a personal trainer at a gym costs between $50 and $200 for a one-hour session. Online personal trainers have their own rates. However, you can expect to pay between $95 and $495 per month. This depends on the demand, services and offerings of the training provider involved.

How do I find a personal trainer online? (Give some examples of online personal trainers and coaches?)

There are many ways to find a personal trainer online. First, if someone you know has worked with an online coach, had fun and gotten good results. A recommendation from them is a good start. Another option is to make an appointment with a local trainer and ask if they have experience or are willing to try online personal training with you. You can also turn to coach certification guides or do a search. Precision Nutrition and the Online Coach Academy are good places to find expert coaches with experience in online personal training. Several online personal trainers to get you started: Full disclosure. I have coached and worked for Precision Nutrition and now work for Nerd Fitness. But the results his clients have achieved speak volumes. I’m not going to try to sell you a program. Try them out for yourself and if they work for you, you’re welcome.

Is online personal training worth it?

Yeah, but I’m biased. I still meet my clients in person, though. There’s something to be said for getting in touch with someone this way. But as someone who coaches both in person and online. I consider myself a better and more useful coach online. When you work with a client online, they have more time and opportunity to communicate and make changes to their training and diet. I have also noticed that my online coaching clients are more willing to communicate, ask questions and tell me what they want and how I can help them. This kind of communication is very valuable. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to reach your fitness goals, personal training and online nutrition coaching are good options. If you need more flexibility in your schedule. And if you want to communicate more with your coach outside the gym. As with any business, you must be willing and able to put in the effort. Be patient. And communicate, then personal training and online nutrition is worth it. Justin


Transform your body and take back control of your health. Even if you don’t have the time or the motivation. word-image-6360

  • Lose the weight and fat that you have been unable to lose for years.
  • Develop physical strength and body confidence
  • Get spiritual confidence and stop hiding your gifts and talents
  • Leave the food confusion. Learn what to do and how to do it
  • Leave the diet roller coaster once and for all and never go back.
  • Follow your daily program, diet and workout – Take back control of your health for good

###Online personal training is a favorite for those who want to lose weight and build muscle fast. And while it’s true that you can lose a lot of weight in a week, and that you can build your muscles quite fast, it’s also true that not everyone is optimal when doing it. So, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your level of readiness and to avoid doing anything that may mess your progress or make you uncomfortable.. Read more about online personal training certification and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online personal training worth it?

Online personal training is a new trend. While most people use this term to describe their experience working with a personal trainer at home, others use it to describe the form of online determination, where the individual instructs himself, rather than an external trainer. Online personal training (OPT) is a type of fitness program that allows people to learn, at their own pace, how to get in shape with the aid of a personal trainer. There are several types of OPT, including virtual, phone-based, and in-person. The option that you choose should be a result of your needs and goals. It should be something that you are interested in and are willing to commit to.

How much should I pay for an online personal trainer?

Online personal trainers are a hot topic nowadays, and the promise of learning all the secrets to fitness success is a big draw for anyone wanting to get in shape. What are these secrets? Are they the same as going to the gym, or are they more about self-management? And what is the best way to find an online personal trainer? The truth is that you’re right to be skeptical. Online personal trainers have been around for a while. Did you know that they have their own association? And just because a trainer is online doesn’t mean that they’re any good. Today, the amount an individual will pay to become a personal trainer varies greatly. The amount you will pay will depend on the type of training you choose, the amount of time you want to commit, and the number of hours that will be spent on your training sessions. The fee you will pay will also depend on your location and your level of motivation. Online training is a solution that has grown in popularity with the advent of the internet. An online personal trainer can work from his or her home while you work part time, and have the ability to travel during your training time. The advantage of online training is that you can find the right balance between the time you spend in the gym and the time you spend with family and friends.

Is Online Personal Training Profitable?

Online personal trainers offer a unique opportunity to get real results for a modest investment. However, the promise of online training could be misleading. How much do you really know about online training, and is it really worth it? Online personal training has become the latest trend in fitness and health. However, it can be quite confusing to decide whether or not it’s worth investing in it. There are some questions that you must ask yourself before you commit to online personal training. Here are some of the questions you need to ask before you start: Is online personal training more beneficial than regular face-to-face training?

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