In the 20th century, yoga ranked as a 1960s hippie fad, a way to get higher than the highest. However, with the rise of yoga in the 21st century, it seems to have become a growing trend in the fitness world. This is a good thing because, as a community of millions, we have the responsibility to protect our health, body and soul. We need to help patients and practitioners understand yoga safely, and we need to spread the message to millions that it is a healthy tool to help you achieve a good life.

Yoga is a great way to get in shape and keep it. Yoga is incredibly effective and it can help you lose weight. But yoga has changed a lot since it first became popular. Today’s yoga styles are different than the ones practiced in the past. The post describes eight of the new styles that you should try.

Yoga is a lot more complicated than people think. The practice is constantly evolving, and is now being practiced by people from all walks of life. From professional athletes to a college dropout, yoga is being used by everyone from the college student to the corporate executive to the stay-at-home mom. And while yoga has been around for centuries, its roots have been forgotten.. Read more about different types of yoga and their benefits and let us know what you think.

Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Bikram yoga, and so on… There are a plethora of yoga types to select from!

You may not have seen some of the interesting new yoga styles you can try outside the studio because of all the various types of yoga to choose from inside your studio. Here are some of the pioneering yoga techniques that are taking this ancient practice into the twenty-first century, from yoga on horseback to yoga in the air to even yoga on a slackline.

1. Yoga on a Horse

Credit: Horseback Yoga Horseback Yoga is credited.

It may not yet be a fad, but it is quickly gaining popularity! “Teaches you how to connect with your horse companion in a meaningful manner, via relaxing your mind, mindful breathing, increasing awareness, and gently opening tight areas in the body,” according to Horseback YogaTM.

So, if you’ve been searching for a new method to practice yoga outside, check out the completely unique and enjoyable Horseback Yoga!

2. Yoga in the Air

Credit: Unnata Aerial Yoga Unnata Aerial Yoga is to thank for this.

Aerial yoga has been more popular in recent years, and it’s simple to understand why. Who wouldn’t want to be able to flip with ease while still feeling weightless?

Unnata Aerial Yoga is a conventional yoga asana practice that utilizes a hammock suspended from the ceiling to assist you with many of the classic floor poses. Your body is partly supported by the hammock at moments, and completely supported at other times.

Give Unnata Aerial Yoga a try the next time you have a chance, and learn more about it here.

3. Yoga of Laughter

Credit: Laughter Yoga Laughter Yoga is to thank for this.

Laughter Yoga, developed by Indian doctor Madan Kataria, is spreading like wildfire across the globe.

Laughing Yoga combines Pranayama breathing techniques and laughter to oxygenate the brain, reduce stress, and leave you feeling happy and full of smiles, despite the absence of conventional physical asanas.

Here’s where you can learn more about Laughter Yoga.

4. Yogini Yogini Yogini Yogini Yogini

Credit: Hoop Yogini Hoop Yogini is credited with this image.

Hula hoops and yoga? That’s correct! You’ll release your inner kid with Hoop Yogini’s brand of yoga, which combines hula hooping with yoga.

“The round shape of the hoop gently promotes movement, freedom of expression, conscious daydreaming (a lost skill for most people!) and increased range of motion,” the company claims on its website.

If that seems like something you’ve been wanting in your life, and you’ve been wondering what to do with the hula hoop in your garage, have a look at Hoop Yogini and learn more about her here!

5. Yoga on a SUP

Credit: Paddle Into Fitness Paddle Into Fitness (c) Paddle Into Fitness (c) Paddle Into Fitness

SUP yoga, or Stand Up Paddleboard yoga, is another popular trend that has emerged in recent years. SUP yoga is difficult, enjoyable, and ideal for a hot summer day.

Because SUP yoga is done on a Stand Up Paddleboard on a still body of water, you’ll need to learn a different method of moving and balancing to compensate for the fact that you’re on the water. If you live near a body of water, try it while on vacation or look for a local SUP yoga studio.

It’s a fantastic method to improve your skills, and you can learn more about it here!

6. Yoga on a Slackline

Credit: YogaSlackers YogaSlackers is credited with this image.

While yoga does not yet have its own version of the X Games, Slackline yoga gets close!

Slackline yoga is anything but simple, whether it’s done on a 1 inch length of webbing gently tensioned between two trees or in much more severe locations. It requires a great deal of attention and, although challenging, can be learned with patience.

Check out the YogaSlackers for some incredible Slackline yoga inspiration.

AcroYoga is number seven.


Do you like the feeling of belonging and community that a yoga practice provides? Then AcroYoga may be for you.

AcroYoga is a pair sport in which a “flyer” is supported by a “base” who assists them in moving through a flow. AcroYoga is really amazing, combining the finest elements of acrobatics, yoga, and a little bit of trust.

So, add some fun to your practice and learn more about AcroYoga here!

Aqua Yoga is number eight.

Credit: Aqua Kriya Aqua Kriya is responsible for this image.

If you have mobility problems or feel restricted on your mat, get in the water and try Aqua yoga!

Aqua yoga applies the concepts and asanas of yoga to the water for a wonderfully relaxing experience. You can get all of the advantages of a mat-based yoga session while being gentle on your joints and muscles, keeping your body in top condition and functioning order.

Here’s where you can learn more about Aqua yoga.

Have you ever tried a unique kind of yoga? Tell us everything about it in the comments section below!

Unnata Aerial Yoga is the source of the image used in the title.

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned professional, or a yoga addict, there is always a place for yoga in your life. Today’s world demands that we be constantly active. With a busy schedule, finding the time to exercise can be difficult. However, yoga can fill a number of gaps in your daily routine. It will help you improve your mind, body, and spirit.. Read more about modern yoga types and let us know what you think.

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